Most Essential Equipment Required to Successfully Set Up a Home Office

For most of us, covid-19 pandemic has created more havoc in many areas of our lives. We have been forced to leave the ergonomic infrastructure of our offices and work for hours together on our bed.

Prolonged sitting in wrong posture has resulted in many aches and pain throughout our bodies and the most common being a stooped and achy back with stiffness in the neck region. Establishing a home office setup is a good idea because the pandemic is going to last longer than most of us expected.

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Most important equipment necessary for setting up a home office

There are many distractions at home while we try to manage work from home hours and we don’t want extra stress from aching wrists, neck, and back. To ease such pain and to increase our productivity, it is in our best interest to set up a home office in a more ergonomic way.

Some of the equipment that is necessary for setting up your personal working space in the home are:

  1. Computer/Laptop: Of course this is the most crucial piece of equipment and most of us already have one if we are working from home.
  2. Additional monitor: While a laptop can be conveniently carried, it almost always gives us neck pain when used for long hours. Attaching a monitor could provide much relief to the neck.
  3. Internet Access: A good speed broadband connection is a must if you want to save yourself from the frustration of browsing for long hours.
  4. An ergonomic or adjustable workstation:
  5. Ideally an adjustable desk that allows sitting or standing while working at the press of a button.
  6. These adjustable desks ensure that there is body movement every 30 minutes without compromising on working hours.
  7. If there is space crunch in your home, you can use a table counter or any flat surface and get creative with the space.
  8. However, do not forget to invest in an ergonomic chair in all the scenarios to give support and correct posture to your spine.
  1. Rest support for your wrist: Inflammation of wrist is very common among people who are using keyboards and mouse day in and out. It is wise to invest in some inexpensive wrist pads to prevent additional stress on the wrist.
  2. Foot rest: Consistently keeping the legs in one position can increase your chances of getting blood clots in future. Thus, a foot rest is essential equipment that will give your achy legs some relief and keep the blood circulating in your legs.
  3. Good lightning: This is as important as any other piece of equipment we mentioned earlier to prevent eye strain, squinting, headaches, and sight problems.

While there is many more essential equipment that are required for working efficiently from the comfort of our homes, the ones listed above are extremely essential for a better health and eventually better productivity.