What to Include in the Fruit Basket for Marriage?

Fruit basket is indeed one of the best parcel options that you can give at weddings. Apart from its beautiful and luxurious appearance, the recipient can also consume fruit parcels, in buying a parcel, you can also combine it with various other items.

But before discussing other items for fruit parcel decorations, you need to know what fruits are suitable for weddings. Apple is one of the fruits that can be stored at room temperature, besides that, its bright color and sweet taste can be one of the best choices for your parcel.

Grapes are also a fruit that is often found in wedding fruit+basket parcels. However, you have to be careful because grapes are a fruit that cannot stand being stored for too long at room temperature. Even so, this fruit can display an elegant and luxurious impression on your basketball.

Apart from apples and grapes, you can choose citrus fruits. Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C so it is highly recommended for consumption, that way, your parcel becomes more useful for those who receive it. You can also add some of the items below as a complement.

Combining Fruit Basket with Wine

Wine and marriage are two things that cannot be separated. You can choose sparkling wine as an option to complement your wedding fruit bouquet. As the name implies, sparkling wine is a golden wine that has a lot of bubbles when poured.

Champagne is one of the most famous sparkling wines from France that is produced from grapes that grow in the Champagne region which produce unique flavors. This type of wine is very well known throughout the world, so it can be the best option for you.

Besides Champagne, you can also choose red wine. As the name implies, red wine is red so it looks graceful and elegant when poured into your glass. This drink is the result of fermentation from red wine along with its skin, which is why this drink is red.

Giving a bottle of wine to complement your fruit basket is a brilliant idea. Besides giving an elegant and luxurious impression, wine is also one of the things that are quite common at weddings. Therefore, choosing wine as a complement is quite thoughtful.

Flowers are Also an Elegant Complement

Flowers are also the perfect option. The combination of fruit and flowers is commonly found in fruit + wedding baskets. The flowers that can be chosen also vary. However, one that is most often found is a rose.

Red roses are one of the most popular, this flower is easy to find anywhere and has a distinctive aroma. In addition, red roses are always interpreted as deep love and love, so they are very suitable to complement a wedding fruit bouquet.

But if you want to choose roses in other colors, you can also choose white roses combined with pink roses for the basket. Both are quite often found in wedding decorations because they show love and romance. Therefore, it doesn’t hurt to use it as a complement to your fruit bouquet.

Apart from roses, lilies are also suitable flowers for wedding gifts. You need to consider both pink and white lilies to decorate. Lily has a meaning of tenderness and joy, so the combination of fruit and lily is perfect as a wedding gift.

The most important thing for you when choosing a fruit bouquet for a wedding is to choose fruit that has a long shelf life so that it doesn’t rot easily when on the way. In addition, considering complements such as wine and flowers are important things to give more meaning to your fruit basket parcel.