A guide to different types of Men’s boots

Boots seem to be much better than shoes, as they are more at work. There are huge varieties available in boots, and we could quickly fill in big, leather-bound books about the men’s styling boots. 

These shoes have long belonged to the shakers and movers of history and make the overall look enhanced with its functionality and features. From chukkas to Chelsea, there have been dozens of boots that are introduced for men and; they even continue to be a part of the trend. 

This article is a deep dive into the five most amazing men boots you must have in your wardrobe.

Let’s have a look at these boots.

  1. Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots are classic and timeless shoes that can boost your confidence. This footwear is available in different colours like tan, black or brown. Also, these must-have wardrobe staples have timeless designs and shapes that are perfect for all ages. The elastic feature of Chelsea boots makes them easy to wear and remove.

Chelsea boots are fashionable, versatile and comfortable, from the relaxed and fantastic suede option to the classic leather looks. Wear these men boots to rock your casual or semi-formal look. 

  1. Work Boots

Work boots are both functional and fashionable. These are also named “safety boots”; as they can protect you during a hazardous environment. Work boots are available in various styles and types that go well with different working environments. However, these boots still have some standard features, such as laces, sell-toe caps, chunky, protective soles, etc. 

You could climb these boots with casual outfits for a more unique and fashionable look.

  1. Wing Tip Boot

Wing Tip Boot has a great shine and polish, making them easily noticeable and perfect for embellishing a casual outfit. Most of the wingtip shoes are bold and consist of a two-tone colour palette. However, these men boots are inherently casual, which is why you must be careful while pairing them with your regular suit.

  1. Desert Boots

Desert boots are the most famous and versatile men boots that were originally designed for soldiers. These boots are generally worn during autumn and are ankle-high, laced with three eyelets. You could recognize desert boots by their rubber crepe sole and could pair them with jeans and sweaters for a relaxed look.

  1. Ankle Boots

Among various men boots, ankle boots are pretty popular and versatile shoes; that utilize straps and zippers to ensure a secure fit around the ankle. In addition, they have a reasonable length and flattering style that can perfectly go with different looks. 

This excellent footwear could be suitable to pair with a jumpsuit, pants, a skirt, jeans or a dress for a more fashionable look. Moreover, if you’re looking for casual ensembles, wear these ankle boots during winters and autumn.

The Bottom Line

Boots are always at work more than shoes. They add up grace to your personality and can surely enhance your look. Thus, if you don’t even have half of the shoes mentioned above, then I must say that you should start investing in these boots.