Trends in women’s shoes for 2020

Shoes, as well as clothes, should be comfortable, match the weather and climate. And of course, always thinking about the latest fashion trends, we show you the latest in Women’s Shoes 2020: elegant trends for women. Once you decide your favorite shoe, don’t forget to visit Prtya.

One of the main trends seen in women’s shoes 2020 is futurism. The world famous brands presented another trend in women’s shoes 2020: the presence of many buckles and laces. Fashion women will be able to create vivid and unforgettable images with these shoes. The buckles harmonize perfectly with monochromatic and multicolored materials. However, we cannot forget the sandals: the star of 2020 for any occasion. Sandals are the best option for these sunny and hot days, whether flat or high heels.

Women’s Shoes Fashion 2020: Casual

The 2020 casual women’s shoes are perfect for everyday wear if you want to get away from sneakers a little, but without losing comfort. Styles such as the 80s and 90s are very present and come with everything in the current trends among the most casual shoes: colorful, basic, discreet and flashy. Colors and shapes promise to make them even more beautiful from Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger.


Ah sneakers! If you are looking for comfort above all, this should be your first option among shoes. The 2020 women’s sneakers fashion promises to be your best friends, always. In addition to being versatile and combining with everything, sneakers are gaining more personality, style, details and colors every day.

Retro Style

The retro 2020 fashion women’s shoes promise to return in full force this year. To have style is to have a lot of personality from head to toe, so choosing is ideal if you choose a shoe to compose your look, especially if you are one of those passionate about retro fashion and want to make your look even more beautiful.

Heels are coming back

There is no footwear more comfortable than one with a wedge heel. It thought of comfort and beauty in shoes. They are full of charm and match every occasion, from matching a look to work, when leaving work and going to a happy with friends. These kinds of heels are super comfortable. For those who do not dispense with good women shoes fashion 2020 high heels, we bring you the high jump shoes that can enhance the look and also provide a sensual touch to the visual end. After the boom of sneakers everywhere, we can finally see a breath of the low heels.