archiveMarch 2020


Online Shopping 101: Make a List of Items to Purchase

Everyone who’s probably wanted to buy something has gotten this advice: make a shopping list. Your mother has it. You probably have it but don’t remember to check it when you go to the store. A list of things to buy may seem basic, but it’s important especially when you’re...

The Advantages of Virtual Reality Videos for Your Company

Virtual Reality technology is taking the world by storm as it is impacting every area of the economy.  The growth of this technology is guaranteed in the consumer market owing to the affordability of Virtual reality headset and VR live streaming concerts and videos. This means that there is a...

If Ethical Fashion Matters To You, Buy Vegan Shoes

Fashion brands are rethinking their designs and making them more ethical. Therefore, if you are a zero waste proponent or you are conscious about the impact various things have on the environment, then  you can carry on your passion to your choice of footwear. Here is what you need to...