Moissanite Rings: A perfect gift for men

Are you planning to buy a ring for a very special man in your life? Whenever you are planning to buy a ring for your husband, boyfriend, brother, or dad, you should always consider Moissanite Rings since a lot of men are fascinated by the Moissanite and the numbers are increasing every day. Although women also appreciate their looks but men love them the way women love diamonds. Though there are a lot of non-diamond gems and stones, Moissanite would always be the best one especially in the case of men.

What do you mean by a  Moissanite exactly?

What do you mean by a Moissanite or its origin? Moissanite was discovered in the 1890s by a well-renowned scientist Dr. Henry Moissan and was first found after a meteor crash in Arizona Desert. After discovering its unique essence, Dr. Moissan conducted several studies so that the mineral can be converted into the dazzling jewelry. Moissanites had some great features such as brilliance, longevity, and durability. They can also be compared to the diamonds and also have similar dazzling and that too at so much of affordable rates. Moissanite is not only the best alternative for diamonds, but also a unique mineral on its own.

How to choose the Moissanite that is best suitable for men?

Though the Moissanite is processed in laboratories, still these rings for men are natural-looking. The jewelers, despite being experts, at times cannot distinguish between Moissanite and Diamond. Similar to the other gems, Moissanite also has some high-quality varieties. To ensure that you are purchasing the most premium Moissanite Rings for your husband or boyfriend, you need to very carefully examine its cut, clarity, color as well as carat. Since the rings are considered to be luxury items, you would not purchase it quite often. Therefore, it is always advisable to focus on the size as well as quality without even thinking of a price constraint. Apart from the quality, you would also have to decide on the arrangement and setting. Depending on the choice, looks, and style of your special man, you need to make a choice between the solitaire pieces or the more elaborate ones. Also, whether your special man would be looking good in a simple Moissanite ring or a dazzling one. Lastly, it may look odd for a man wearing a simple one, but the majority of men love to go ahead with a simple Moissanite Ring.

You should always ensure that you have a look at a variety of designs and colors at your own pace so that you ensure a good purchase rather than hurrying up and ending up making a bad choice. You should always remember doing thorough research which is very much essential to give your special man the best gift possible out of your love and affection. Also, you should always ensure that you order an authentic, durable and high-quality Moissanite ring.

Emerald Cut Moissanite Engagement Ring #GTJ3899-emerald-fo-y-set | Gerry  The Jeweler

What are the 4 Cs of Moissanite?

Similar to the diamonds, Moissanite jewelry also has its grading system and they are cut, color, clarity, and carat. An experienced team of Gemological Institute of America or popularly known as GIA, examines every Moissanite gem to get results on the color and other inclusions as well. The 4 Cs of the Moissanite is explained below in details-

  1. Cut: Since it is a hand-faceted jewel, Moissanite is cut specifically in order to maximize its brilliance and create the maximum fire. Moissanite is always cut by the most experienced and master gem cutters.
  2. Color: The majority of the Moissanite is colorless whereas the others have a hint of yellow, green, and gray. For instance, a premium quality Moissanite offered by Forever Brilliant Moissanite has four grades whiter that helps to enhance its brightness and brilliance.
  3. Clarity: Small inclusions may occur during the growing process of the Moissanite and only these Moissanite stones can only pass through those stringent quality standards and make it to the market.
  4. Carat Size: Moissanite is sold on size and not on the weight. For instance, a 7.5 mm Moissanite can perfectly fit in the setting that holds a one-carat diamond whose actual weight is 0.90 Carats.

What do you mean by Very Good (VG) Moissanite Clarity?

Generally, the majority of the Moissanite jewelry used in the jewelry industry are of very good (VG) quality. This high-quality Moissanite is eye clean and comes with very slight inclusions that include many micro pipes as well as faint crystals or feathers. But these minute flaws can never be seen through the normal eyes. Even under 10 x magnifications, the experienced graders find it very tough and also have to give huge effort in order to find the inclusions. Also, the VG Moissanite Gemstones have a very minimal impact on the light refraction and the high-quality Moissanite gemstones also add fire as well as light to any setting.

What do you mean by Good (G1) Moissanite Clarity?

Available to the private label companies, the good quality Moissanite is not used in the Allurez Moissanite jewelry. The G1 rated Moissanite is also found to be eye clean and at the same time features the inclusions that can be easily seen by the graders under the 10x magnifications.

What is the clarity of Moissanite?

 In order to compare the Moissanites with Natural Diamond, the experts have always agreed that the clarity of Moissanite is on average equivalent to VS clarity on the scale of GIA. Therefore, in reality, the inclusions can only be seen under magnification or especially under a jeweler’s loupe or 10x magnification. Otherwise, it would only be difficult, but an impossible task to see the same.

Last but not the least, apart from looking similar to a diamond, Moissanite is itself a very unique gem with a lot of good features and advantages and is also available at so affordable prices. Also, it’s near-colorless has a similar refractive index to that of a diamond and the GIA has also concluded that Moissanite is the nearest imitation to diamonds.