Two-Toned Summer Hair Color Trends


Great Look

This summer, two-tone hair colors are trending big time. And they look great, no matter what two colors you decide to rock. Since it’s summertime, lighter colors are going to be a little cooler, but it really doesn’t make that big of a difference. Try two colors that contrast well for the most dramatic look, such as platinum blonde and blue-black, or dark brown and light pink. Get creative, and make people you know do a double-take the next time they see you! The neat thing about this trend, is that you can’t really go wrong in your choice of colors, because that part is individual preference, which is subjective. Dare to be different, and it seems the more unique the better, especially with trends like these, today.

Quality Clip-In Hair Extensions

If you’re the type of person who likes to have a versatile look depending upon the situation, then you may want to try clip-in hair extensions. They have a unique clip-in design that attaches easily and securely in just seconds, without damaging your real hair. Many places sell this type of extension, but you’ll want to try and stick with the high-end stores or salons. The Lauren Ashtyn Collection has a line of real hair extensions that are made from 100% real European Remy human hair, the finest quality grade hair on the market today. Handcrafted in a 45-day process that involves hand-knotting each strand 3 times and then attaching it to a micro-mesh base, making their hair extensions an excellent investment of the highest caliber.

Achieve The Look You Want

These clip-in hair extensions from The Lauren Ashtyn Collection are also fully customizable with regard to color, cut and style. With good care, they can last up to three years, and they are easy to care for. Plus, they also sell products on their website that are specifically designed for caring for them to make it even easier for you, if you like. The thing is, these luxury hair extensions can help you to achieve the look you want, without having to spend all day at the salon. You can apply and remove these extensions yourself both quickly and easily, and instantly you will increase the potential number of looks you can achieve exponentially. Now, you can do many more things to diversify your repertoire of looks, enabling you to switch it up both consistently and effectively.

Any Trend Possible, Summer Or Otherwise

This summer, get that two-tone hair color look easily with real hair extensions like these. Just clip them in, style them together with your own hair and go, for the most natural and blended look. They come in many different multidimensional colors and several types of extensions, and since they are fully customizable, the possibilities are endless! Try out different colors, hairstyles and lengths with your new customizable hair extensions. Try out any trend you like, without fear of being stuck with a look that ends up not looking so hot! Clip-in hair extensions make getting any trend look easy and right at your fingertips, summer or otherwise.