Into the blog and experiencing the UK through it

A lifestyle blogger is responsible for presenting the world around them through digital media. They can be viewed as modern day social storytellers. Due to the present internet accessibility, which has been bigger than ever, blogs has almost become go-to media for the mass. The contents are raw and hardly care about formality. And that makes them unique. Britain, in this millennium, is known for their cross culture society. The orthodox English culture today has been amalgamated with flavors of Asia, Africa and other continents. Thus, the lifestyle blogging over UK enlightens us with various social dimensions.

The culture of blogging in UK was adapted since the inception of Internet. But they stared later if we compare this with US. The work of UK lifestyle bloggers can be experienced covering the following vivid domains:

  • Home decoration, interior and exterior decoration.
  • Living and coping with real life problems.
  • Travel and tourism.
  • Knowledge sharing.
  • Product opinions and review.
  • Beauty and fitness.
  • Photography

As blogging as a culture has matured a lot UK, the bloggers are considered as major social influencers. The medium of their blogging is not limited to website only. These days they are taking up YouTube, Instagram and even Twitter as their preferred platform. Most of these blogs have considerable numbers of followers, some in millions! Even there are award functions for the best of blogs. The quality of a content creator is measured using various parameters like average views, followers on social platforms, search engine ranking etc.

If we dig into more into these blogs, we find a projection of the philosophy of the blogger. They present their views and opinions with their life experiences. The UK lifestyle bloggers comes from heterogeneous social backgrounds. And it certainly reflects the kind of presentation they do over various platforms. There are quite a few bloggers who stared blogging as they had nothing else to in their lives. So perspective of life from them is very different as compared to the bloggers who have just stared their journey of life and learned some skills. And guess what, both their content can be enriching for the net-generation. Most of the bloggers form Britain took up blogging as their main source of income. As their followers and fan increases, they get rewarded with sponsorships and awards. The culture and lifestyle of UK has always been a point of interest for the citizen all over the world. So it fuels an immediate advantage to a blogger from Britain. They simply draw more views to their contents.

So how a blog from UK can be beneficial for an Internet user?

The answer lies in what users expect from a blog when they search something related to UK. That includes travelling and moving to UK, a special English recipe for the anniversary and so on. Britain is having a mature education system. So sharing of knowledge in academic and research domain is another aspect which is beneficial for the academicians. Even if some random user wants to explore some reviews, ideas from around the globe, they will find the perspective from the society of UK. With these inputs they can make their decisions. These blogs have been and will be contributing to the rich blogging content on the Internet.

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