Importance Of Safety Footwear In Different Professions

Footwear is an important part of every professional field to prevent any injury or harm to people. The health and safety of every worker have been one of the top priorities in every working sector across the world in today’s time. According to reports, most of the accidents and injuries that take place at any workplace are because of the wrong set of footwear.

There are few benefits of wearing the right and safe footwear to work which are as follow:

  • Prevention of electrical hazards
  • Protection from burns
  • Reduction in slipping and falling
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Suitable in any weather

Types Of Safety Shoes For Every Profession

An Anti static safety shoe is the kind of footwear that helps in squandering away the tension of electrostatics from the body which can cause electrical hazards like shock or sparks.  These kinds of shoes are extremely necessary for those environments that are prone to electrical dangers and exposure to explosions.

Therefore, to prevent the risk of electrical damage anti-static safety shoes have become a vital necessity in various working sectors. What makes anti-static safety shoes a necessity is the presence of electric resistance properties that helps in prevention of problems from a live circuit in the entire manufacturing process of the footwear from the bottom layers to the sides.

Anti static safety shoe (รองเท้า เซฟตี้ กัน ไฟฟ้า, which is the term in Thai) that help in the discharge of static electricity. People who work as an electrician and engineers require electrical safety shoes as they are the ones who are mostly exposed to electricity and need protection from the hazardous electrical accidents. The classic electrical safety shoes are made out of soft materials which are light to wear, leather laces, sporty appearance, and the most important feature of anti-static.

Anti slip safety shoe (รองเท้า เชฟ กัน ลื่น, term in Thai) also known as clogs is a kind of shoes that is mostly worn by chefs and is preferable in their profession. To prevent accidents and injuries it is important and necessary to wear safe and comfortable footwear at the workplace.

A chef works all day long and their profession requires them to stand on their feet and work most of them. There are few reasons why non-slip chef shoes or clogs are important- clogs are comfortable, reduction in the chance of slipping and falling, and it is water-resistant footwear.