Which Flower Goes Well in a Birthday Bouquet?

Flowers have played a huge role in the history of mankind. While their significance and customs differ from country to country, they remain a universal symbol of human connection. Flowers can convey a lot of emotions and it makes the perfect gift for numerous occasions. It is also really common to give flowers as birthday gifts, because everyone loves them and it can brighten their day. Gifting a flower bouquet or a floral arrangement on someone’s birthday carries the strong message that their joy and well-being are important to you. Flowers are also a fantastic choice for those who have everything, live in a small space, or are working to reduce and lessen their belongings. They would not have to worry about finding long-term storage for their flower gift. If you want to present your special someone something elegant, arranging flowers in bouquets is a terrific option. A simple flower bouquet can definitely be a great gift when beautifully and thoughtfully arranged with the freshest flowers of roses, tulips, and lilies. You can even buy fresh cut flowers and arrange them yourself if you enjoy arranging flowers. However, if you are in a hurry, sending birthday flower bouquets could not be any easier through services like flower delivery Singapore.

Brief History of Gifting Flowers

Flowers were an important part of social traditions in ancient Greece, Rome, China, and Egypt, as evidenced by history, myths, and stories. Flowers were the most common way for people to convey their feelings during these times. Furthermore, Greek mythology often references specific flowers to represent gods and goddesses.

Gifting flowers was commonly performed by the Victorians. Flowers were used to signifying more than admiration or affection in Victorian times. Since it was thought impolite to express feelings in words during the Victorian era, people expressed their feelings by giving flower bouquets. Each flower has a distinct meaning, which varies depending on a range of aspects such as colour and size. A red rose, for example, denotes passion, a pink rose, romance, and a yellow rose, friendship. People used to know the meanings of all of the most common flowers, which made each and every one of the more unique.

Brief History of Gifting Flowers

The custom of gifting flowers extends to today. There are a million different kinds of flowers, and if you do not know what to look for, picking the perfect flower for a birthday bouquet might be difficult. So, this article presents some guidance on birthday bouquets to help you get a sense of what flower varieties might be suitable for your gift.

For a Friend’s Birthday

If you want to send flowers to a friend for their birthday, choose a vibrant and colourful arrangement that exudes enthusiasm and happiness. Choose yellow or gold roses for a more symbolically neutral arrangement. Yellow roses represent friendliness and joy, they are a safe bet for almost any recipient. Gold roses are colourful and bright, with no particular implication, making them an excellent choice. Sunflowers, which resemble beams of sunlight, would also have the same impact. Sunflowers can definitely brighten anyone’s day and it represents admiration, loyalty, and longevity. This flower is most closely connected with autumn, making it great for a fall birthday arrangement.

A brilliant multi-coloured gerbera arrangement works well as a birthday gift as well. You can also mix and match different flowers. A stunning bouquet of gerberas, roses, and lisianthus, for example, will always make an impression. To make things more special, you can also add your friend’s favourite flower or their birth flower. The tradition of giving seasonal flowers on your birthday originated in Ancient Rome. For instance, carnations are the birth flower for January, and roses are the birth flower for June.

For Your Significant Other

For Your Significant Other

Flowers can be a wonderful way to surprise your significant other if you are married or in a relationship. Any day of the year, a bouquet of red or pink roses is a timeless declaration of love, it should not just be confined to Valentine’s Day. It could also be a wonderful birthday gift, alongside another small gift like a piece of jewellery.

For Your Sister’s Birthday

Pink roses are perfect to express unconditional love. Pink roses are just as symbolic as red ones, and they represent the softer and gentler aspect of love, making them a good option for a sister’s birthday. Tulips, a symbol of caring and attachment, can also be a terrific choice. Choose from pink and purple, which symbolizes platonic love and appreciation. For a more casual approach, a multi-coloured arrangement can also work well. To make things extra special, you can include a handwritten note, a soft teddy bear, or other extra gifts. You can easily find and order special gifts to accompany your birthday bouquet through services like birthday gift delivery Singapore.