How To Get Rid of Oily Hair In Men and Women

Oily hair is the #4 hair problem and a large portion of both men and women suffer from the greasy hair or scalp. Many people believe that only teens have issues with oily scalp but that is not the case. It can be a problem your entire life and for many definitely into adult hood.

Why Don’t Regular Shampoos Work On Oily Hair & Scalp?

Most of the so called clarifying shampoos or degreasing hair products very rarely work with any success and most definitely do not work over the long term.  They don’t have lasting results because the striping effect actually signals the sebum gland to produce large amounts of the greasy oil that can coat the hair and the scalp. Many times you are worse off than you were before you used the clarifying shampoos

What Products Work For Long Term Results For Greasy Hair?

Nearly 20 years a man with some seriously rough hair problems starting doing a lot of research of how to make not only the hair but also the scalp healthy again. One of the main problems was itching, flaking and scalp redness and irritation. However, the thing that he noticed was that with all that the most predominant thing was the excess sebum he had on his scalp. He an overly oily scalp and hair. Nothing seemed to work. He tried dandruff shampoos and tar treatments and while they helped some with the itching and flaking they did not stop the oily problems. How to get rid of oily hair seemed to be a tough question to answer.

However, after several years of research and the help of several trichologist and doctors he discovered that if he used a specific combination of herbs and a mineral called zinc pca that the oil production normalized. It wasn’t too dry and it wasn’t greasy. The 2nd phenomenal benefit was that when the sebum production was curtailed that the flaking, itching and what the doctors called seborrheic dermatitis (large yellow crusty dandruff flakes and scalp sores and scabs ) all went away. Through years more of research it was found that seborrhea – when controlled – was how lasting results were found. The Complex of Herbs Is Now Called Zincplex and you can find it in different shampoos, conditioners and even mineral salt scrubs.