Fashion With Reason: HBCU Gear

The HBCU design was inspired by the black college experience of the students from the black colleges. The pride gained while attending an HBCU lasts a lifetime and creates strong bonds. The chain links in the design symbolize the bonds among the community. HBCU gears like T-Shirts, sweatshirts, caps, and hoodies are being preferred and worn by the students of the HBCUs and the general public to show their support to the community. Rather you actually attended college or not there’s just something dope about school spirit. There are several HBCU colleges and they are cool for their own reasons.

For those who don’t know about HBCUs. HBCU is the Historically Black Colleges and Universities. In the 90s there was a major movement of celebrating black culture. Rather it was music, fashion, sports, or television blackness equated to coolness. Now to be clear black is still and will forever be cool. However, the major difference between then and now is that the black community is much less celebrated of their accomplishments in the above-mentioned categories or in most of the areas for that matter. But by showing your support to them in a way as simple as wearing a T-shirt can create a strong impact in the community and this can be done with the help of HBCU gears, which can be recognized around the globe. College is college so no matter what type of college you choose you will be good. But it’s still important for the black and brown students in the community to realize that there are dope colleges that will cater to their cultural needs.

So, now you have become a proud alumni of any black colleges or universities but still want to wear their apparel like your university jackets, t-shirts, caps, windbreakers, and much more? Do not worry because you can find an ocean of these products online. You can get t-shirts with college or university logos and designs and a whole lot more. Boasting all kinds of clothing apparel like t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, and jerseys and all of these comes with the university logos or even the names of your college teams like Hampton University Pirates, Florida A&M, and Howard University. Aside from clothes, there is also HBCU Gear like customized watches, caps, fraternity neckties and bowties, swag bags, boxers, and even conditioners and oils.

Black people who work in the fashion industry are feeling amid the current social unrest—sparked by the recent killings of Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, and Breonna Taylor, but that’s been brewing for centuries as racism and oppression have pervaded this country. This frustration is compounded by seeing brands and publications that have historically excluded and marginalized Black people share messages of solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. Where was this solidarity when we were applying for jobs, advocating for promotions, and pointing out the lack of diversity and at times outright racism within their own industry? These messages mean nothing if they’re not backed by action to dismantle long-standing practices that have stifled Black people in their own streams.

Be sure to check out the HBCU gear from the top website to support the community. And maybe the next time you wear a T-shirt takes a moment to think about the meaning and message you’re sending.