Choose the best of Cosplay Now

Look in the mirror and be realistic. We all have good and bad points and the grace is in knowing how to highlight the positives. You may love a specific character but if it does not match your physical appearance, making a good cosplay will be a thousand times more difficult, there are no impossible but the goal is to create the best characterization. Luckily there are millions of options.

Make a shortlist of characters that match your body type, size, skin color, and facial feature. If they are fantastic figures, evaluate the possibilities to make them real, for example if you do not have much strength it will be difficult to carry a heavy armor. Just evaluate possibilities that really catch your eye, a good cosplayer to love their cosplay. Make use of the cosplay contacts and come up with the best deals for the same.

Evaluate the psychological characteristics of the list of characters you created earlier and think about what the acting challenges would be to bring it to life. If you are shy or are not easily given acting, choose a character similar to your own personality.

Create a budget and evaluate the parts of the suit one by one. Wigs, fabrics, or makeup can be expensive or hard to come by.

Research possible materials. Weights, dimensions, colors or textures, with creativity you can develop incredible imitations.

Are you going to do it or are you going to have it done? This point is vital, if you do not have manual skills you must first specify who is going to develop the cosplay and speak clearly about your ideas.

Finally, when you have a clear overview of all the possibilities, make a final evaluation, choose at least two options before starting work, it is always good to have a plan B.


Do you play a character that is 1.80 tall when you are 1.65? The choice of footwear should be your priority! There is a GREAT variety of footwear, taking into account the character you will play you should know that you will have to spend money on it, if you want a good cosplay and you do not have money, keep this in mind.


First of all RESPECT, you are 13 and you will make a very open cosplay, that is horrible, please take care and respect your body, it is unnecessary to expose yourself that way. In the search for a character we say “that is beautiful” and perhaps you do not realize that this character belongs to some hentai or eiichi, interpreting characters without knowing the character is the worst mistake in my opinion, that is why we say that they do the cosplay that you like (because you already know the character).