Perfect Solutions for the Use of Spectacles

Usually when you’re tackling a weight issue, it’s best to increase the pad in size, but one step at a time. If the frame comes with 15mm pads, the change to 17mm would help preserve aesthetics, while improving weight distribution. But changing a 20mm would put a strain on the frame and be more than necessary for the weight. The use of the Ray Ban replacement nose pads are also there now.

Angles To Take Into Account

The nose pads form three angles, the frontal angle, the vertical angle and the angle seen from above. In principle, these three angles must have a perfect alignment, to later make necessary modifications in a later adjustment.

Front angle: refers to the vertical position when looking from the front. It should form an angle of approximately 20 ° with respect to the vertical line that divides the nose. Each tile should be the same distance from the 1mm ring. Both nose pads are in the same horizontal plane.

Clearance angle from above: look over the frame. The nose pads will form an angle of 25 ° to 30 ° with the horizontal plane in this position.

Vertical angle: You should look at the mount in profile and check that the plate forms an angle of 10 ° to 15 °. This angle ensures proper weight distribution under the board.


It is worth recommending the change of nose pads at least every three months so that they do not crystallize, lose their texture and can be so uncomfortable for the patient that it damages their visual quality.

Today, prescription glasses are not only used to correct a visual defect, but they are also a fashion accessory. When choosing them, it is important to take into account various aspects, such as the type of lens and the material from which the frame is made in order to make the final decision.  For this reason, it is very common that the following question arises: plastic or metal glasses?

Currently, most frames are made of one of these two materials. In this article we reveal the main advantages of each one so that you are clear about what type of glasses is best for you according to your tastes or circumstances.

Advantages of pasta glasses

Acetate or “plastic” glasses are the most popular in recent years. Its main advantages are the following:  

  • In terms of design, it is a type of material that gives a lot of play, offering endless possibilities in terms of shape and color. You could say that they marry all styles.
  • It is a type of frame perfect for high prescriptions because it supports thicker lenses, and it disguises them better.
  • The plastic glasses do not need to incorporate transparent platelets. If the transparent plates (the two supports for the bridge of the nose) that the metal glasses wear bother you, this type of glasses will suit you much better.

If you have sensitive skin, they are your best choice. The pasta frames are usually made with cellulose acetate, a very natural material that does not cause any type of skin allergy.