The Allure and Considerations of Investing in a Used Steinway Piano: A Detailed Analysis

The piano from Music Exchange from example is one in which the sound is organic, reproduced by the action of hammers hitting the internal strings on the piano, emitting the sound; that is, it is not created artificially by computers.

Except in the case of digital pianos, which are instruments that imitate classical pianos, perfectly reproducing their sounds and timbres. Before discussing the advantages of this type of piano, you must understand it.

There Are Two Types Of Acoustic Pianos: Upright And Grand.

Even though they have special features, certain features remain in both models, such as the lid, keys, hammer, and strings, which form the piano’s structure.

Regarding these characteristics, it is important to highlight the keys; an acoustic piano must have a sequence of 88 white and black keys.

The piano is an expensive instrument. Therefore, beginners usually start by studying on a digital piano. But those who like the piano always want an acoustic one. Therefore, I will write some tips for those who want to buy a used car.

Generally speaking, the person selling a piano like Used Steinway at Music Exchange for example most often doesn’t play, inherited it from the family, and perhaps used to play but stopped. And those who don’t play, unfortunately, don’t care. It is common to have pianos leaning in some corner of the house, full of objects on top, collecting dust, sun, humidity, etc. Therefore, the main rule is never to buy a piano without seeing it!! And see well!!

Research the prices. If it’s too cheap, be suspicious. I don’t know many models, but we would say that a Fritz Dobbert or Essenfelder for less than 5,000 I wouldn’t even look at. I assume it is better to pay more for something of quality than to buy something cheap and problematic and regret it later.

When checking the piano, it is important to touch all the keys and look at the entire piano from the inside – top and bottom. Internal verification is the most important. There are abandoned pianos that become rat and cockroach nests. Sad but true. Letícia saw one in that state; rats had damaged the piano strings.

If you don’t know the mechanisms and interior of a piano, it’s a good idea to be accompanied by someone who does. Your piano teacher or a tuner, for example. EDIT: Take a tuner, as only those who work with the mechanisms can be sure of all the details. I received an experience report that proves this; read it here. There is a very important warning for those who buy a used piano. Speaking of tuners, the first thing you should do after buying the piano is call a tuner urgently.