Type of Shorts you can Wear in Summer


Do you love to wear shorts especially in the hot summer days? If yes, then you must know how to wear them in the best way to look fashionable. Leveling up your summer style is about learning to make a proper outfit with a capitol-O rather than only what you threw on before leaving the house. Following are some of the style inspiration provided by Brent Emerson, the fashion enthusiast:

  • The first thing any man should ask himself when selecting a pair of shorts or any piece of clothing, for that matter is how well they go with the proportions of his body. This means engaging in a sincere appraisal of your legs. If you have got muscular thighs, slim-fit shorts will feel uncomfortably tight, so select a more generously balanced pair. If you have got short legs, a pair of shorts designed to end just above the knee will end lower, so select some with hems or with a shorter inseam that can be cuffed neatly. If you have pale legs, stay away from white shorts and select a pair in a color that offers a little more disparity, such as black or blue.
  • Solid colors such as khaki, tan, navy, white, olive, and off-white are the most conventional styles for men’s shorts. Plaids, particularly plaids with a white base, are a preppy look staple, but must be paired with at least a polo shirt to prevent looking dull.
  • Collared short-sleeve shirts are typically the best choice for men who want to look excellent but stay cool and casual. These can vary from button-fronted to the basic monochrome polo shirt.  T-shirts and shorts is a look that does not look appealing. It might be appropriate in casual settings, but it is not going to make you look as good as other options.

Shorts Materials

Shorts can be of various materials, some of which are as follows:

  • Cotton shorts are great menswear material for heat. It is breathable and lightweight and is by far the simplest way to wash and dry devoid of special care. But, tight weaves of cotton hold hot air close to the body, and water or sweat evaporates from it very gradually.
  • Athletic shorts are made of synthetics such as spandex or nylon. For the most part this is advantageous — the loose weave of basketball shorts keeps the fake fibers from holding in heat and sweat, while newer synthetics can in fact repel moisture away from the skin and allow air flow even better than a cotton weave.
  • Linen shorts are lightweight and comfortable. Linen tends to crumple more than cotton, but the idiosyncratic creases are part of the style. Do not bother trying to smooth them out.

Brent Emerson, a renowned fashion designer with stores in North Carolina and Arizona says that shorts are a modern classic piece of menswear. They have a place in every man’s wardrobe.  Simply make sure you wear them right!