Halloween Makeup: Painting Faces and Cashing In!


That one day of the year when you can be a unicorn, a witch, a zombie, or even a, dare we say, “no makeup” human. But as the season draws near, and your bank account takes a slight dip, you might wonder: “Since when did my desire to morph into a glittery vampire become a goldmine for businesses?”

Back to the Ancient Vanities

Before diving into the figures, let’s go down the spooky memory lane. Remember ancient Egypt?

Of course, you do! You were probably Cleopatra three Halloweens ago. Those Egyptians loved their kohl and crushed beetles (all in the name of beauty, darling!). However, the transition from beauty to beastly (in a fabulous way) during Halloween was more recent.

It’s Not Just a Phase, Mom!

Fast-forward to the 20th century when Halloween started its reign in the U.S. First, it was a time for children to run rampant on sugar highs. But as time went on, adults realized they were missing out. They too craved the sweet embrace of face paint and fake blood.

As adult participation grew, so did the intricacies of sexy costumes. By the 90s, Halloween parties became all the rage. No longer were adults content with a simple mask. Oh no, they needed Hollywood-grade makeup to win that costume contest prize: bragging rights and a plastic trophy.

Show Me The Money!

Today, Halloween makeup is no joke. According to a study I completely made up but sounds accurate, approximately 127.3% of Americans spend an obscene amount of money to look obscenely fabulous.

In all seriousness, reports suggest that the beauty industry sees a substantial sales spike around Halloween. In 2019 alone, Americans reportedly spent over $8.8 billion on Halloween, with a significant chunk going to costumes and, yes, makeup. When you consider how a small vial of fake blood or specialized face paint can cost upwards of $10, those numbers start making a ghostly sense.

Cashing In On Our Faces:

Enter big brands. Once they saw that everyone and their pet chihuahua (looking at you, Trixie, the zombie dog) was spending big, they started launching Halloween-specific lines. Limited edition? Check. Glittery blood-red lipstick named “Vampire Kiss”? Double-check.

And it’s not just makeup! Removal creams, lotions, and even tutorials have become a significant market. Brands aren’t just capitalizing on products but also on the “how-to” of it all.

A Ghoul’s Best Friend:

But, why this boom in the market? Simple. Makeup allows metamorphosis without commitment. Today, you’re a siren with dazzling blue scales, tomorrow you’re back to being Karen from accounting. It’s the thrill of change without the commitment of a tattoo or, heaven forbid, a permanent dye job.

Brands That Jumped on the Broomstick:

Almost every major beauty brand has hopped onto the Halloween express. From drugstore brands to high-end ones like MACUrban Decay, and Too Faced – they’ve all released special palettes, liners, and lipsticks catering to the ghostly festivities.

Is It Worth It?

ABSOLUTELY. Not just for the economy, but for the sheer joy of becoming someone (or something) else for a night. So, go on, splurge a bit! After all, that galaxy-themed, glow-in-the-dark eyeliner is definitely an investment. And if anyone questions your Halloween makeup spending, just tell them you’re supporting the economy… one fabulous face at a time!

In conclusion, the rise of Halloween makeup in the U.S. economy is a testament to our ever-evolving desire to play, transform, and occasionally scare the living daylights out of our neighbors. And as long as there’s Halloween, there’ll be an eager market waiting to paint their faces in the most gloriously ghoulish ways possible!