5 Must-Buy Furniture in Singapore

One of the most exciting parts of styling your own space is choosing the right furniture. A trip to a home decor store in Singapore is like a child’s visit to Santa Claus’ the North Pole. However, with tons of choices, it can be overwhelming for new homeowners to buy the essential furniture in Singapore.

Here is the homeowner’s must-buy furniture in Singapore:

1. Deep Drawers

When shopping for kitchen furniture in Singapore, homeowners tend to look for basic kitchen cabinets and cupboards. A deep drawer is must-have kitchen furniture in Singapore. Compared to ordinary drawers, the perfect depth of deep drawers is suitable for pots and casserole bowls. Instead of stacking the pots and bowls in the cupboards, store them in a deep drawer.

2. Bedroom Shelves

Bedroom shelves are the perfect home for your trinkets, book and other stuff for display. Bedroom shelves are also additional storage space. There are mounted and moveable bedroom shelves in a home decor store in Singapore.

3. Mood Lighting

Ambience or mood lightings are growing in popularity in modern interior designs. Although it can be installed anywhere in the house, mood lighting is perfect in the living space. You can buy a unique lighting fixture in a home decor store in Singapore that sets the mood of your home.

4. Outdoor Tables

For people who love hosting gatherings at home, an outdoor table in Singapore is must-have furniture. If the space in the living room and kitchen are not enough to fit all your visitors, your balcony or garden is the next best place to chill. Lots of furniture stores sell outdoor tables in Singapore.

5. Hanging Chairs

Another must-have garden furniture in Singapore is the hanging chair. You can sit, relax and enjoy the outdoor view from the comforts of your home using a hanging chair. Another luxury garden furniture in Singapore you can try is a sunbed with a canopy.

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