5 Creative & Fun Ways to Celebrate Mom This Year

Every mom in your life should be shown love and appreciation year-round but Mother’s Day is a great way to make 100% they know you care. Check out these five fun and creative ways to help you celebrate mom this year.

1. Give flowers or decorate your mom’s home!

You can decorate mom’s home with party streamers, photos and flowers if you live nearby for Mother’s Day. You can even get your kids involved if you have them to make the decorations extra special. This is a simple gesture but is sure to bring them a smile. The surprise of pretty drawn photos, balloons, or flowers will be a great surprise for grandma or mom. Easy and beautiful decorations are always Flowers and plants. These kinds of gifts don’t just make their home beautiful for the one day but for many after, and they will appreciate the extra aromas that they bring to their home.

2. You can cook for mom or arrange a brunch date.

A classic breakfast in bed for Mother’s Day is always appreciated and a great choice! For this occasion, you can have toast or a croissant with Jam and fruit along with a cup or two of tea or coffee. You could also prepare a sit-down brunch if she doesn’t like eating in bed. What is fun about this one is if you don’t always have to be there in person; you can set up a virtual brunch with mom and that is just as special. If someone is nearby they can either drop the ingredients off at her home or you could email the recipe to everyone.

Something extra nice and fun is to bake a cake!

3. Services for your garden and yard

Gift your mom a “gift voucher” to help her maintain her garden and yard. Spring is in full swing by Mothers Day so helping her around the yard is extra nice. A cute way of gifting something like that is to place the “certificate,” along with spring-planted bulbs, in a pot that she can watch flower in the coming months.

4. You can make a gift from scratch!

Gifts don’t always have to be bought in a shop. Mothers treasure gifts that come from the heart and are handmade. Handmade gifts show you took time out of your day to personally customize something special for them. Some great ideas are: body scrub, soap, potpourri, or her favorite kind of jam.

If you dont feel confident in your gift-making skills, you can always buy jewelry online for Mother’s Day. A very special piece of jewelry is either their birthstone or their children’s birthstone. This is something that can be passed down for generations and can be very meaningful. When looking for unique birthstone pieces, a great place to shop is Etsy; you can find beautifully made stuff from a small business owner.

5. Create your own card

Last but most certainly not least is to create your own card. As mentioned above handmade gifts can be so cool and special and mean a lot to the mothers in your life. Not everyone loves to give card since they never know what to write but it’s the thought that counts. You can keep the card simple or you can write what your heart feels. Either way, the mom in your life will appreciate you thinking of them when you want to make something unique.

The ideas do not end here; there are so many kind and meaningful things you can do for your mom on Mothers’ Day. Get creative, and most importantly, dont forget!

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