Why should you shop tungsten wedding rings?

When she has said “Yes”- then you might be wondering how to plan the wedding. Buying the wedding ring should be your priority along with designing and organizing the whole endeavor with professional support or DIY. However, when it comes to buying a wedding ring, you should have a set of plan like buying a tungsten ring rather than the gold rings or platinum rings. Shop the best quality tungsten wedding rings at IntelliRings online.

Over the years, this sturdy metal has won people’s trust for being sturdy and easy to wear. You like many others can exchange wedding vows by exchanging tungsten rings during the ceremony.

Check out why you should shop tungsten wedding rings


Buying tungsten wedding rings or bands is more affordable than shopping rings of other precious metals like gold, platinum, silver etc. Nowadays, several top-notch jewelry brands are selling finest range of tungsten rings with unique designs.


The rings look fashionable. For a change, you and your partner can decide to exchange tungsten wedding bands instead of the traditional gold rings. However, these rings are also chosen by people allergic to gold.

Sturdy & scratch resistant

Buying tungsten rings can also be on your cards because of the sturdiness. The rings remain scratch-free and remain undamaged even after an accident or sudden fall.

Easy to remove

Often people have to use soap for removing rings they’re wearing for years. However, the tungsten rings are removed easily. During a medical emergency or any other reason, removing the tungsten ring is easier than gold or platinum rings.

Can be colored

You can purchase tungsten wedding rings in the usual grey gun metal color. But changes of coloring the rings with black, gold, white etc. is possible with plating.

These are the top reasons to shop tungsten wedding rings.