The Southern Penny – Women’s Fashion and Wellness

With roots planted in the South, Crystal Pipher travels regularly to Arizona to clear her mind and recharge from the concrete jungle she calls home in Dallas. Her work has centered around the fashion industry for many years. She has always pursued new wellness modalities to practice in her daily life. From going back to school to study an accredited program focusing on Eastern Techniques and research through her own diet and nutrition, Crystal is proficient in these things. She has gone through a lot in her own journey to digestive health, overcoming past transgressions and finding acceptance in the finicky fashion industry. Finding what works best for her lifestyle while incorporating the latest trends is something that helped her be successful. With that experience Crystal and her team strive to help others in their own journey of self-healing while embracing life and style their own way.

“I am thrilled to have my work on a platform that can reach women everywhere.” said Crystal. “My love of fashion and holistic healing is rewarding and something I’m so passionate about. To have a client who appreciates the same things and learn more about them and how to incorporate it in their own lives makes me so happy!

I love to teach what I know after years of doing this. I’ve taken courses over the years all while opening and operating retail locations for major players in the industry.

More recently, I am recovering from a serious injury in which the industry I loved chewed me up and spit me out. Instead of looking at it as a loss, it left me wanting to tap into what I’m here to do, help people going through similar things heal properly. The company I was with was not about to understand that type of healing and what it took after three surgeries so I was let go. I looked at it as a chance to turn the experience into something positive.”

Modern fashion needs to fit the changing times. “There needs to be places of inspiration”, said Crystal. “Because of our current environment in the world we need to bring a strong sense of beauty and vitality to our own environments. There are ways to do this and it can be a lot to take in at the beginner level so we’re here to help break it down for you.” She goes on to make a valid point, “It’s not something we can learn or see every day on the news and social media. We have to make it happen.”

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