Shoes for fast walking

If you practice fast walking and love walking for leisure or to maintain a less sedentary lifestyle or you do fitwalking to obtain benefits aimed at improving physical fitness, in both cases it is necessary to have the right equipment to carry out the activity without suffering injuries womens walking shoes.

While brisk walking is a seemingly simple activity, it involves not only the legs, but the whole body. In the event that fast walking is done in the wrong way, arms, shoulders, neck, pelvis and especially the lumbar part of the back may be affected. To walk well, an element that must absolutely be taken into account is clothing, in particular it is good to choose the right walking shoes so as not to cause collateral damage to the rest of the body.

The best walking shoes: characteristics

Shoes designed for fast walking must have some essential characteristics to allow the wearer to maintain correct posture and avoid getting hurt.  To accommodate the roll of the foot, the sole of the shoe is better that it is ultra-flexible in order to flex adequately depending on the weight and thrust impressed on the ground.

To limit abrasions and last longer, the tread of fast walking shoes , that is the part of the shoe that touches the ground, must have different grooves compared to a running shoe . In this way, even after prolonged and continuous use, the material that makes up the tread will not wear out easily.

If you are an inveterate walker and you do not stop in front of nothing, surely not even the rain and cold will be able to stop you. In this case it is essential to choose a shoe that has a water-repellent and waterproof fabric , to return home with dry feet and not get sick.

The upper of the footwear for fitwalking, that is the upper part of the shoe, contributes to the right stability of the foot, so better if it is wide so as to leave the toes free to move. The ideal material for the upper is mesh , a highly breathable three-dimensional fabric , which allows the exchange of air inside the shoe without making the foot sweat excessively. Another important factor to take into account is the cushioning of the shoe . While walking, every time you put your foot down, an impact with the ground is generated which affects the whole body. In order not to tire the legs and avoid straining the back it is important that the walking shoes have a light cushioning. No to shoes that are too cushioned, think instead for running.

Above the sole, the midsole is an internal part of the shoe that we cannot see, but which, according to its thickness, affects the cushioning of the foot and the roll of the foot.