Personalizing The Bedroom With Colours, 3D Beddings And Potted Plants

When decorating the home, the main priorities are usually the living room and dining room because they are the places where visitors are entertained. However, it does mean that the bedroom must be neglected because it is the personal space where you rest and relax. The ambiance of your bedroom can be enhanced by using personalized home décor like custom blankets and beddings from VisionBedding.com as well as unique wall art. 

How to decorate a bedroom with custom bedding

A lot of effort has been invested in developing quality bedding to enhance a bedroom with style. Recently, it was discovered that art can be printed on bedding to make it unique from the usual bedding that you can buy at department stores. There are colorful comforters and sheet sets with 3D designs inspired by your favorite sports, nature themes, and scenes from the galaxy through VisionBedding.com. 

Another great option is photo blankets that display your favorite photographs, images, and designs. Traditionally, photo blankets are used to tell stories about culture and historical events. Nowadays they are used as personalized home decor or something to cuddle into during cool weather. The good thing with photo blankets is you can have your own photo or that of the family digitally scanned for clarity and precision.  

The design of your bedding can be easily replicated on your pillowcases or you can use another unique design that will complement the bedding. For example, if the design you have chosen is 3D galaxy scenes from space, your bedding can include images of planets while beautiful stars can be printed on the pillowcases. Make sure though that you choose a unique design from VisionBedding.com that perfectly fits your personality.

How to create a comfortable and relaxing bedroom

Simple designs will make you feel relaxed. Make sure that you keep only the basic essentials like the armchair you use when reading or the table where you keep your laptop and reading lamp. By keeping the bedroom simple, the focus will be on the unique customized bedding or the gentle lines of your furniture. Fewer furnishings will allow you to invest in high-quality pieces that you have always dreamed of. 

While it is no secret that a fresh coat of paint can easily change the mood of the bedroom, make sure that the colors chosen will complement the personalized home decor. White and off-white create a sense of cleanliness and purity while pale green-blue, purple, and pink will make the bedroom feel fresh and tranquil. 

A few potted plants can boost the mood and purify the air. Plants are perfect if you want to create an image of nature. It will also complement your 3D nature bedding. You can also add a wall covering inspired by a digital image of your favorite watercolor painting. 

Consider an area rug to keep your toes warm in the morning. The rug must be big enough to muffle sound and add color and texture to the room. Don’t just choose an area rug that caught your eye. It must match the color scheme that you have in mind to provide a powerful punch to the bedroom design.