How Do You Arrange a Chocolate Bouquet?


Gifts are the simplest way to win the heart of your precious ones and show your interest and gratitude for them. Especially when the gifts are personally crafted to show they are made with love. But there is also nothing wrong with buying something already beautifully arranged to prove that you are willing to spoil your loved ones. They will be impressed by both ways, including when you want to give a chocolate bouquet as a gift.

Besides chocolate bouquets as a gift, other simple and enjoyable chocolate gift ideas celebrate the special days with your beloved with happiness and enthusiasm. Each of them can carry a beautiful meaning that can make your days memorable and strengthen your relationship with your dear ones.   

Types of chocolate gift

  1. Chocolate bouquet

Just like flower bouquets that can brighten up the mood of the recipient, a chocolate bouquet arranged with fascinating flavored chocolates is sure to charm your loved one on celebrations like their birthday or Valentine’s Day. It is simple yet elegant and lasts longer than flower bouquets. Put together your favorite chocolates, wrap them with decorative papers, tie them with a sweet-looking ribbon, and finish with a handwritten note or greeting card that expresses your love, adoration, and gratitude for them. Not only chocolate melts, but your beloved’s heart will too!

  1. Chocolate basket

Unpacked chocolate in a basket

A basket full of various types of chocolate with dazzling decoration surely will charm almost anyone. Make your special day more delightful with the warmth that a basket of chocolate can radiate. You don’t want to wait for another next year just to prepare a chocolate basket. You can do it now. A chocolate basket is easy to make. Try to look for it online too, where there are some attractive options that you can choose from. Effortlessly sweet!

  1. Heart-shaped chocolate 

Heart-shaped chocolate

Beautiful heart-shaped chocolate surely can steal your partner’s heart. It is so symbolic and communicates a true message that tells your partner you love her or him. Flowers like sweet red roses can also accompany this type of chocolate gift to make it more romantic. If you are a poetic person, boost the chance to steal your partner’s heart with some writing that beautifully rhymes.

  1. Chocolate roses

It is quite hard to make chocolate roses by yourself. So, if you see the opportunity to get your beloved this romantic chocolate, just do it! Melt your partner’s heart with these gorgeous and sweet chocolates. Put them in a red heart box. Adding a special adorable item like a teddy bear is also advisable. Just be a total romantic when presenting this type of chocolate.

How to arrange a chocolate bouquet?

A box of chocolate

Before crafting your chocolate bouquet, you need to be ready; however, the results will come out. If you don’t want the inconvenience of arranging your chocolate bouquet to celebrate someone’s birthday, anniversary, or any kind of occasion, you can just order it online. If you order from a birthday gift delivery in Singapore, you can just order it online. If you order from a birthday gift delivery in Singapore, you can choose many gorgeously arranged chocolate bouquets. The arrangement is not only the bouquet that ensembles flower bouquets but also in baskets or jars.

If you are ready to arrange your chocolate bouquet to show your beloved the effort you put in, there are some simple tips that you can do to craft the chocolate bouquet that resembles the look of flower bouquets.

  1. Choose your chocolate

You need to choose the chocolates that are going to be put up together in the bouquet. There are some classic choices like chocolate truffles, bars, and cookies. Your taste buds will guide you on this one.

  1. Stick chocolate to bamboo skewers

Sticking the chocolates to the bamboo skewers needs some hands-work. Just make sure you have long enough bamboo skewers and some tapes to secure the chocolates.

  1. Bundle up the chocolates

After all of your chocolates are taped to the bamboo skewers, the next is to bundle them up. Assort the chocolate based on your preference so you will get a few bundles of chocolate. You can arrange it by size, flavor, color, or however you want to do it. It is simpler if you just go for one specific type of chocolate for the whole bouquet. This usually applies when you choose chocolate truffles. The last big bundle of chocolate is to put together the smaller bundles you have created and make them into a bouquet. 

  1. Tie into a bouquet

Lastly, tie your chocolate bundles together into a bouquet, secure them with tapes, add tissue papers as decorations or wrapper for the chocolate, and complete it with a nice and gorgeous ribbon.

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