Batik Clothing: How to Find Your Personal Style

Fashion is something you can own to yourself. It’s a statement you can show and say: this is who I am. Luckily, there are many options in the fashion industry, from wearing a traditional dress like Batik clothing in Singapore to a modern look with a grunge style. Nonetheless, you can create your image and show your true self. For this reason, you can embrace your authentic style!

However, finding your fashion sense can be difficult because of self-esteem issues. Some may not feel comfortable trying new clothes because they are afraid they might not look good on them. Some still feel insecure about their body type. Regardless of your problem, there are plenty of ways to find your fashion style.

So, here’s how to find the personal style that will fit your personality!

How to Find Your Personal Style

Finding your personal style can be difficult at first. It’s like going out of your comfort zone, and you have to try different things. It’s okay if you feel insecure, but that’s part of the process. Keep doing your best and try different styles to find your image! So, here are some tips for finding your personal style with batik clothing, linen, and a midi dress in Singapore.

1. Find Fashion Inspiration on Social Media

You can also find inspiration on social media like Instagram, where you can follow influencers and celebrities. Look for online personalities who you can get to follow as a guide. Check their clothing styles and the way they accessorise themselves. For instance, if you want to try a midi dress in Singapore, you can follow celebrities who attend Coachella for more fashion inspiration.

2. Check Your Closets

Your cabinets can give you an idea as you look into your closets. Check the colours of your clothes, and you can have a clue about your style. Do you like bright or neon colours? Perhaps, you prefer to wear earth-tone colours. You can also check the types of clothes you are wearing, including the linen dress in Singapore, shoes, jackets, and even Batik clothing.

3. Your Personality Type

Additionally, you can know your clothing style based on your personality type. Are you a calm and reserved person? Or maybe you are outgoing and fun? With these personalities, you can learn how your dress should look. It can help you get ideas about whether an outfit will look good on your traits.

4. Find a Clothing Brand

Find a clothing brand that will resonate with your personality style. You can browse some dresses or a Batik shop in Singapore to know whether their style fits your taste. If yes, you can support the brand as it can be appropriate for your personality and preference. For instance, Louis Vuitton is a brand that shows luxurious style, which applies to people who like to look sophisticated.

5. Create Your Unique Style

Creating your unique style is also a fun experience. You can get your style and mix it with other fashion trends. This way, you can have a fashion sense that reflects your authentic self. Perhaps, you can wear Batik clothing while wearing accessories. It shows traditional with a modern touch.

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