A Brief History of Tobacco

To truly appreciate the power of tobacco and why it’s so ingrained in our society, you need to know where it came from and how it got to be where it is today. That’s what this piece on the history of tobacco will help you understand – no matter if you’re an experienced smoker or just someone curious about how tobacco came to be the way it is today.

Native Americans

The Original Smokers : Christopher Columbus is often credited with bringing tobacco to Europe, but Native Americans were smoking long before he arrived. Scientists have found traces of nicotine on clay pipes belonging to indigenous peoples living in Tennessee and Arizona dating back years and years. Tobacco plants also appear in cultural findings discovered in modern-day America. History tells us that believe that early explorers brought tobacco back from their expeditions to share with their families and friends. The practise soon caught on across England, where it became a popular social activity among nobles and commoners alike.

European Adoption

Spanish explorers began bringing tobacco back to Europe from areas in what is now known as South America around 1560. The practice then spread throughout Western Europe. In 1612, King James VI wrote a pamphlet called ‘A Counterblaste to Tobacco’ that denounced smoking. According to Adrienne Johnson of Florida State University, however, tobacco was still being promoted as a drug by physicians in London and Paris for many years after that. Many people viewed smoking tobacco as dangerous or even sinful during its early years in Europe, but it slowly gained popularity throughout the 17th century despite setbacks such as these.

Cigars, pipes and more

Though modern tobacco products have their origins in a variety of different cultures, today we think of smoking as a western practice. Havana cigars, pipes and more started to smoke in pipes, cigars and more even to this day. In fact, some researchers say that Native Americans are to thank for originally cultivating tobacco, making it easier for Europeans to take up smoking once they arrived on these shores.


Smoking and smoking accessories have a long history. Today, there is an abundance of artisan tobacconists and online shops to suit every taste—and you’ll get something unique from every place. From pipes that look like barrels to cigarette holders with strange nicknames, smoking accessories are as varied as they are beautiful. If you want one for yourself, it’s never been easier to get your hands on authentic tobacco smoking equipment. Just check out a reliable cigar choice guide online.