4 Best Portable Playpens for Babies That Are Worth Your Money 


Playpens, especially portable playpens, are as much friends with moms as they are with babies. Whether you’re looking forward to buying one to store baby essentials or to secure your child in it, the options at premium stores like PinkiBlue are worth exploring. 

The guide we have listed below is a compilation of 4 best portable playpens for babies that you can buy at best rates at PinkiBlue store. Have a look and decide for yourself whether or not our list was worth your time. 

  1. 4MOMS Breeze 4.0 Plus Playard

This spacious playpen is quite simple to set up. The features that give it the first spot in our list of top 4 are listed below. 

  • It has a single push and pull central hub for operating. 
  • The playpen opens when you push down the central hub and it closes when you pull up the hub. 
  • It has automatic latches so that the child cannot open the playpen and remain safe within its confines. 
  • It is airy and breathable and keeps the child cool. 
  1. 4MOMS Breeze 4.0 Diaper Storage Caddy

This portable diaper storage caddy is a perfect option for smaller homes with actual shortage of space. You can use it otherwise as well since it’s a fantastic storage rack that keeps baby things arranged at all times. The benefits of this storage and organizing playpen are listed below. 

  • It has compartments. Thus, it can be used to store baby powder, lotion, creams, soaps, and much more items other than just diapers. 
  • Since different compartments can be used to store different products, you’ll never lose much time in finding the required product as and when needed. 
  1. BABYBJORN Cradle

This company cradle is a perfect playpen for infants because of the following reasons. 

  • It has a springy build that gives the baby a feeling of being rocked back and forth. As a result, the baby sleeps better and longer. 
  • It’s extremely safe since it has a non-collapsing design. 
  • It is deep enough to avoid any chance of the baby accidentally falling down while tossing side to side. 
  • It is supported on 2 strong wooden legs that reduce any kind of friction with the floor. In other words, it is non-slippery.
  1. PHIL AND TEDS Traveller Crib

This crib is a perfect playpen for kids because it can be installed directly on the floor. As a result, the playpen creates an illusion of a tent. It keeps children happy. Also, it is lightweight. Thus, moms find it easy to carry this one. 

On a closing note, the 4 wonderful playpens listed above are absolutely worth the money since they’re long lasting too.