4 All-purpose Leggings that Are Just Too Stylish to Ignore 


Leggings are the unmissable apparels without which no wardrobe can ever be complete. Besides, all women have one and want more. Now, since they are so popular, a lot of designers manufacture them, but focus is limited either on color or just style. Only a handful of elite designer brands like Psychonaut Fashion offer leggings that are a mixture of style, color, as well as quality. If you’ve been looking forward to buying such high-quality stylish leggings at affordable rates, then have a quick look at the guide below. 

  1. The Albacore 3/4 Leggings

These all-purpose organic leggings have stunning criss-cross seams and a scale like front that’s just too stylish to overlook. They also have a grommet tab on the top of the right thigh. The features that make them so ideal for every woman are listed below. 

  • They have an elastic high-waisted band that hides love handles. 
  • They are super soft and stretchable to keep you comfortable all day long. 
  • They have a light breathable fabric that’ll keep you cool. 
  1. The Analog Leggings

These stunning slim-fit leggings replicate the comfort and style of designer jeans and pants. Some of their signature features that you’ll fall in love with are listed below. 

  • They have zippered leg pockets. 
  • Their knee pads are designed with diagonal textured seams. 
  • They have army-style faux gaiters. 

So, whether it’s a night event you’re going to or just a casual day out with your friends, these leggings are perfect. Besides, they look sassy and stylish when worn with boots. 

  1. The Slayer Leggings

These ripped slim fit black leggings will get you party ready in no touch. They look super classy and trendy with the display of:

  • Asymmetrical rips on both the legs. 
  • An extra-wide and extra-soft waistband for comfort. 
  • A high waisted design to hide love handles. 
  • A slim top silhouetted design.

These are, in fact, one of the most practical leggings designs that are just as good as treggings and jeans. 

  1. The Persian Pants

These 3/4 leggings are perfect lounger pants for women who love comfort just as much as style. Some of the best features that make these summer leggings an ideal fashion choice are listed below. 

  • They are made elastic at the knees for a practical design. 
  • They have deep pockets with rivets on the front.
  • They have an extra-wide waistband with a narrow sash for better fitting.

These are some of the best selections of 2020. You can also visit their website – – to explore more variety.