Stick Vs Roll-On Deodorant – What You Need to Know

Many people often get confused between stick and roll-on deodorants. Both roll-on and stick deodorants are used for the same purpose. But the main difference between them is their nature. Roll-on deodorants will be in liquid form. On the other hand, the stick deodorants will be in solid form.

When buying a deodorant, mentioned below are the few things that we have to look for. 

  • Choose the one that can make you feel comfortable.
  • They should smell very good. In fact, it should be very refreshing.
  • It should not leave wet sensation post using.

Stick Vs Roll-On Deodorant

  • Roll-On deodorant is available in gel or liquid form. The Stick deodorant will be drier and firmer.
  • A stick deodorant leaves a silky and smooth feel. The roll-on deodorants leave a wet feeling for a few seconds post using it.
  • Both types of deodorants are travel-friendly. In fact, you can simply carry them in your gym bag or purse. Stick deodorant would be your perfect choice if you are a jet setter. You can simply put this stick deodorant in your carry-on. The roll-on users need not worry here, because you can carry them happily in your carry-on. Make sure that you choose only the small ones because there can be some travel restrictions when it comes to roll-ons.
  • Both of them are perfect for your stressful days.
  • Both roll-on and stick deodorants come in different fragrances, which suits the needs of people with different requirement.
  • Both of them are safe for underarms.
  • When it comes to the roll-on deodorants, they may leave marks on your clothes sometimes. This doesn’t happen in case of stick deodorants.
  • Roll-on deodorants control sweat better than stick deodorants. They control bad body odor too.
  • Roll-on deodorants are more affordable than stick deodorants.

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What to consider when choosing deodorants?

Whether it is a stick or roll-on deodorant, below is the list of few things that you have to take care of.

  • Long-lasting Perfume: When you choose the best quality deodorants, their perfume lasts for a long time. Most of the deodorants from reputed brands are meant for both male and female use.
  • Antiperspirants: Choose the deodorants with antiperspirants always, as they are effective in controlling the sweat. Another great advantage of antiperspirants is they control they have good antibacterial properties. What these antiperspirants do is kill the bacteria causing a bad smell.
  • Skin Friendly: Choose skin-friendly perfume always. Otherwise, you may experience several skin problems. Avoid buying deodorants that contain harmful chemicals as they may cause skin cancer. Check the label to understand whether the deodorants that you are planning to buy is free from chemicals or not.

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