Moissanite rings and the shapes

All romantics have ever fantasized about living one of the happiest moments; the day of the marriage proposal, those minutes where we can appreciate how love steals all the attention and couples are excited for what is to come. This moment is ideal to surprise and do something unforgettable, many couples prefer it to be an intimate and special moment, that’s why, in today’s blog we will give you a couple of ideas to make the proposal at home.

Home marriage proposals

Your accomplice will be your pet. This idea is perfect if you and your partner are animal lovers, but even better if they have a pet. Tie the ring on his necklace and tell your partner to check if he is wearing it, at that moment he will find the engagement ring and it will be completely unexpected. As an extra idea, your pet can also be the one who delivers the wedding rings on their wedding day. For the proper choice of the rings, you can go for the Oval Moissanite Engagement Rings. They are the perfect choices that you can make and surely you will be having the  love of your beloved as you will gift the same to her. No doubt that this will be a very special gift for her and you will be more than happy to  have been able to gift the same to her.

Treasure hunt

Taking advantage of free time, this idea is hilarious if you enjoy a game night, but this time it is different, hide clues around your house until you find the treasure. What your partner will not know is that a beautiful engagement ring will be waiting for you. This proposal is not only mysterious, it is creative and We assure you that you will make this game your favorite. Let the search begin!

Cooking lessons

If you and your partner do not leave the kitchen because they love to eat new things, this idea will be the ideal to change the course of things. We all enjoy good food, but some love to cook, so surprise your partner with a new recipe and hide the ring in some ingredient. We can assure you that when you find him and ask him to marry him, the emotion will take away their hunger and thus give you the long-awaited answer.

Remember is to live again. Lately the nights are usually very quiet and with the sky clear, it is an intimate and romantic moment, so you can take advantage and prepare a dinner, light a couple of candles and as an excuse to tell him that long ago they did not go on a date. The moments you have lived together will always be a great memory, you can make a photo album, a video or put your favorite song, it is this moment where you make the proposal and your partner says “yes”.

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Difference between Moissanite and diamond

Synthetic Moissanite, as a synthetic stone, is perfectly distinguishable from natural diamond. The two gems are alike, no doubt. However they are distinguished by their respective properties. Diamond is the hardest of all gemstones, a 10 on the Mohs Scale, compared to a 6.5 or 7.5 for zirconium oxide. The queen of gems has a density of 3,517, below that of Moissanite. Its melting temperature is also very different: 1852 ºC for Moissanite compared to 3,546, 85ºC for diamonds. Under a flame, the gemstone would be transformed into graphite, while the semi-precious stone does not melt into hot hydrofluoric acid. The tetragonal crystal system of zirconium oxide is opposite to the cubic crystal system of diamond.

Absolutely all the details in a wedding contribute to the end result complying with everything planned and thus making the celebration unforgettable. In the same way, we strive so that everything turns out perfect, the bride’s look should not be the exception and it is that not only is the most beautiful dress needed. Since every woman needs to stand out from the crowd, she also needs the right jewelry to feel unique on this great day.

The role of Moissanite in the bridal look

The jewels are responsible for providing style and the special touch that only a bracelet, earrings or a necklace can achieve, in addition, these accessories will help you better express your personal style. These days, we can appreciate the importance of details, because, although jewelry is a common element, it is essential for the bridal look and that it shines like never before through sophisticated designs. There the importance of the Affordable Moissanite Rings is no doubt there. You can actually have the best choices right there.

  • Rose gold became a trend within the jewelry industry, mainly due to the effect it projects, this color reflects love and elegance as well as being one of the most striking materials.
  • The mixture of pure gold, copper and silver results in this romantic metal with which many jewels are made and are undoubtedly the most desired. It is definitely the ideal material for jewelry with great emotional weight.

To select the right jewelry, you must take into account the model of the dress, the type of neckline and the color of the rings so that the bridal components match. You need to know that to favor the appearance of the bride, the combination must be subtle, so it is important to have a starting point and not get stressed, this way you will get results that will make you look incredible. Do not forget that there are other elements such as the bride’s headdress that help create a harmonious ensemble.

Last Word

Rose gold is indicated, due to its versatility with a high range of colors, as well as highlighting and at the same time giving it a discreet and elegant touch. These jewels also provide a more youthful and fresh appearance for those women who are looking to show off their true essence. The success of this material is incredible, couples do not hesitate to buy Moissanite wedding rings and engagement rings.