The Lord’s Prayer – The central Christian prayer

All of us have experienced at least once, the power of prayers. No matter what may the problem arises, prayers have miraculous powers to save us from that. They are way more powerful than any other human invention. By praying with a true heart, a person can connect with God. Christianity ensures that every person whether rich or poor can experience and connect with the Supreme Power. As we all know, one of the most important prayers in Christianity is, “The Lord’s Prayer”.

Therefore, it will be the best practice, if you carry and can read the prayer whenever and wherever you want. You can do so by having, the lord’s prayer song jewelry.

Lord’s Prayer

The Lord’s Prayer is a central Christian prayer, which is also known as “Our Father”. According to the New Testament Jesus, the prayer tells us, the right way to pray. In the gospel, there are basically two versions of the prayer, which are in the long-form and short-form. The longer prayer is the part of the Gospel of Mathew, and the shorter prayer is from the Gospel of Luke. Both of the prayers are considered as equally valuable.

The prayer consist of seven petitions, out of them, the first three are devoted to God. Whereas, the next four petitions are related to human needs and concerns.

About the Lord’s Prayer Song Locket

In the lord’s prayer song jewelry, you will get the whole prayer written within the gold, silver shiny pendant. We also have the prayer written in multiple languages like- English, Spanish, and Hebrew. To read the prayer easily, there is an attached magnifying glass. You can also get the special and very rare versions of the locket.

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