A Guide to Sizes of Every Mattress in Singapore

One of the most common things we consider when buying a mattress in Singapore is the size. There are many reasons why we should do so. Firstly, you would want a mattress that will have a sufficient surface to make sleeping comfortable. When you need to share a bed with your partner or your family, you should also consider getting a larger size. Another thing is that your mattress should fit well in the space you have for it in your bedroom.

From the US to the UK, the standard sizes of mattresses vary. Thus, you would want to buy your mattresses from local suppliers to ensure that size is right for your requirements. Below is the local mattress size guide you may want to consider.

Single Size Mattress

Single-size mattresses have a standard size of 36 inches by 75 inches. They normally fit a single person and are highly recommended for a child’s bed. Single-size mattresses are also very common in dormitories and hostels.

Super Single Mattress Size

Malaysia and Singapore have Super Single Mattress Size that is normally a single size mattress but with extra few inches for more room. It is good for small space bedrooms. The typical size of a super single mattress is 42 inches by 75 inches.

Queen Mattress Size

Queen Mattress has a size of 60 inches by 75 inches. It typically fits two people comfortably. Queen Mattress size is recommended for couples but can also be used solo should the owner want to have a huge space to toss and turn.

King Size Mattress

King size mattress is highly recommended for families. This is the largest size of mattress in Singapore and can be quite luxurious. Almost square in size, the mattress has a measurement of 72 inches by 75 inches.

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