3 Situations Where You Need Pocket Tissue In Singapore

Whenever we go to the restroom to relieve our bladders, the first thing we would look for inside the stalls is a tissue paper roll. Knowing that there is something that can help with cleaning ourselves after using the toilet is very comforting, especially when you are big on hygiene. Tissue is far more important than we think, and the only time we ever realise this fact is when we are baffled by the lack of tissue in certain situations that call for some. Tissue is versatile and has different kinds of tissues that serve other purposes. Some types would be facial tissues, paper towels, and hygienic tissues. To better understand their importance, here is a list of situations where you need pocket tissue in Singapore.

1. Restroom

The most crucial scenario that calls for tissue is when we need to use the restroom outside. Whatever business we have to do on the toilet would still require using it to clean ourselves. Leaving the toilet without wiping yourself using either tissue paper or wet tissue in Singapore would be a very unhygienic move on your part. Hygiene equates to health, so seeing it as something insignificant to the point of ignoring basic restroom etiquette would lead you to possibly getting infections. Many people have used the toilet before you, which causes the bowl to contain various bacteria and germs that can be transferred to you. Tissue wipes away what’s wet and helps lessen the germs, making cleanliness after using the toilet necessary.

2. Sudden Spill And Stains

Tissue paper uses a term known as ply, which refers to the number of layers of a toilet paper roll. The ply can tell you the tissue’s durability, absorbency, and general quality since they all depend on the number of layers. 1 ply toilet paper is thin and not as absorbent as the other types. However, it’s the most affordable due to its lack of layers. 2 ply is thicker and a little more costly than 1 ply. 3 ply, however, is the thickest and has the best quality in terms of absorption. Although it costs more, the performance makes it worth it. 4 ply toilet paper is two layers of 2 ply, which makes its durability perfect for sudden spills and stains. If a lot of liquid substances need to be wiped, tissue paper can easily save the day.

3. Runny Nose

Having tissue paper in your pocket would be the most convenient solution when you have a runny nose and need to clear it by blowing it into something. Rather than using your laundry detergent from Singapore to clean the clothes you used to wipe your nose with, it’s best to bring a pack of tissues wherever you go in case you need to sneeze or blow your nose.

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