The Bucket Hat

The bucket hat is a hat that has a brim that slopes downward, and this hat is made with cotton that is of heavy-duty and fabrics such as canvas or denim, or on the other hand, it is made of wool that is heavy compared to the tweed, the hat has eyelets of metal that are placed on the crown that helps it with ventilation

This hat was adopted in the 1960s as a very high fashion; it was liked booth on the streets by people and also for cat walking. Even in this present days, the bucket hat is a popular gear during the festive season it is also referred to as the session hat, and band members favour it a lot, i.e. the stone rose, Courteeners and the sticky fingers.


The bucket hat is believed to have been known in the year 1900 made originally from tweed cloth the bucket hat was worn by Irish farmers traditionally and fishers so that it could protect them from the rain, because of their lanolin wool which made them waterproof naturally. Although they started from Irish they have been internationally speedily adopted over the years, can fit in a coat pocket when folded and are easy to clean even when they fall in the mud. Their shape can be changed by steam from the kettle

The hat that was made from the olive cotton which was used in the Vietnam War by the US ARMY gave way for the invention of the bucket hat of this modern day. Because of their lightweight, they became so popular to the civilians and was used for sports like fishing and protection against the sun

In the early sixties, the bucket hat was considered as a fashion for the ladies, which resembled the pillbox, cloche styles and baker boy. However, the older model of the bucket hat was popular among men who were professionals till 1970 and Sean Connery used it in the movie Indiana jones

In the 1980 rappers adopted the bucket hat and it remained a fashion on the streets and went on to the 1990s. It has emerged recently as a catwalk, and an item of the way after some celebrities have been spotted wearing it like Rihanna 


The bucket hat is a hat that can be worn by all genders, and in all weather conditions, it is very light that makes it be preferred by many if you are looking for a hat consider the Bucket Hat. 

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