Steps on How to Chalk Your Hair

Chalking your hair is among the best option that allows you to beautify your hair smoothly without incurring a lot of money. That is because all you need is to get the right hair chalk and apply it to your hair. Since there are various hair chalks in the market, many people have a challenging time when choosing the right one for their hair. There are multiple things that one should consider when choosing the right hair chalk. Those things are such as cost of the hair chalk, the color, ease of use, and many more. This article discusses step by step guide for chalking your hair with the right hair chalk. Some of those steps are;

Step 1. Choose the right hair chalk

Do you have a hard time to choose the best hair chalk to apply in your hair? Then it would help if you did not worry anymore. That is because the shaver centre got you covered. There are people ready to guide you on choosing the right hair chalk. When choosing the right hair chalk, you need to consider the essential things such as pricing, the color, duration that the chalk lasts and many more things. That is because some hair chalks will give your hair the best look for a short time. Therefore you need to consider the hair chalk that will suit your needs. After choosing the right hair chalk, you can now proceed to the next step.

Step 2. Clean your hair

Washing your hair before chalking is an essential thing. That is because you will remove dirt particles that could make someone spot some poor chalking because of some oils and other specks of dirt. Many people obtain unfavourable results because of making a mistake of chalking the hair before washing. Also, to ensure your silk blouse or any other clothing that you have does not become messy because of the hair chalk, you need to change or cover it using a towel or any other piece of cloth that you can clean easily.

Step 3. Wet the part that you want to color

Since you need to color on a small part of your hair, then the third step you need to perform is wetting the region that you need to color. The purpose of wetting the hair or the part that you want to apply some color is to ensure the color pigment stick on the hair thoroughly. Avoid chalking your hair before you wet it. That is because the chalk will not stick on the hair well. Most of the chalk will get wiped by things such as wind, or a piece of cloth is you do not wet it while applying some hair chalk. Any people who forget to perform this essential step end up complaining that the hair chalk does not provide the best results because they never followed the instruction. It is clear that if you adhere to the instructions of applying the chalk, you will obtain the best results.

Step 4. Apply the hair chalk

While combing or stretching your hair, apply the hair chalk smoothly on the part that you want. That being one of the essential steps for hair chalking, you need to ensure you use the chalk in the best way possible. If you do not know how to apply the hair chalk, you can choose to hire someone who knows how to use the hair chalk in the best way. Studies indicate that many people consider hiring the right personnel to apply the hair chalk. That helps in avoiding making some unnecessary mistakes and save you extra money that you could have used to buy hair chalk after you have misused the previous hair chalk.

Step 5. Sealing of the hair chalk

After applying the hair chalk well, now you need to seal the hair chalk to give it more time to provide the best results. You need to give your hair a short time, so allow maximum absorption of the color. Also, you can choose to apply some hair spray for the best sealing of hair chalk. The good thing with using the hair chalk is that you can undo everything if you do not like the final results. Once you have allowed your hair to have adequate time for color absorption, now you need to enjoy the new look offered by the hair chalk.

Therefore after performing all the five discussed steps, you will manage to hair chalk your hair for enhanced beauty.