How to make your diamond ring sparkle?  

Imagine investing thousands of dollars into buying a diamond ring only to have it lose its shine after a few years. Diamond is one of the strongest substances on Earth, yet within a couple of months of daily wear, it can start to lose its sparkle. This happens when oil from human fingers or dirt from the surrounding start to accumulate on its surface. This makes one of the indestructible gemstones to lose its dazzling appeal. So, is there a way to restore diamond’s sparkling appeal? The answer is yes. There are various ways you can keep your diamond ring in its pristine condition for the longest time period.

In this article, Emily from Fergus James, a Dubai based diamond rings business, is going to share some tips to keep your diamond ring shining forever. So, without further ado, let’s get into the details.

Sparingly handle your diamond ring:

It won’t be wrong to call diamonds the natural magnets for grease, oils and grime. This makes them difficult to keep clean. Within a couple of wears, they start to lose their shine. When a diamond ring is worn on a daily basis, the oils from the fingers and the surroundings start to accumulate on its surface. This affects the brilliance and fire of this exceptionally precious gemstone

The best way to keep your diamond ring shining forever is to get it professionally cleaned every few months. Make sure to take it off when you are working in the kitchen. Also, keep it aside when you do your make up for work.

Clean your diamond ring at home regularly:

You can clean your diamond ring at home between professional clean ups to keep it in its best form. The process is very simple. You need to dip it in a regular gentle degreasing solution. A solution of water and mild dish soap works here. Gently rub it with an old toothbrush and rinse it off. This will help you get rid of the remaining dirt. Reserve the toothbrush to clean your ring only. Make sure it goes between the hard to reach areas for example the back of the diamond. This area collects the most of the dirt and grime.

Gentle touch is important:

Diamonds are forever. However, their settings may not be as durable as the gemstone. Therefore, it is very important to use a gentle touch when it comes to cleaning your diamond ring. Older prongs or tension settings can come off if you vigorously scrub them. Therefore, the toothbrush or whatever you are using for the cleaning purpose needs to be gentle. Once you have gently scrubbed the back and the front of the diamond ring, rinse it and use a soft linen cloth to dry it off. Close the drain if you cleaning your ring over a sink.

Never use harsh degreasing solutions:

Using harmful solutions will do more harm than good to your diamond ring. Therefore, it is important to avoid using bleach or abrasive for example toothpaste or household cleaners for cleaning your diamond ring. Harsh chemical like chlorine can rub off the surface of the diamond making it lose its pristine shine. Moreover, it also causes damage to the mental band and the setting the diamond is set in. abrasives will scratch gold as well as the other metals used to design bands. 

Be cautious while using an ultrasonic cleaner:

if dirt has encrusted on your diamond ring, you might need an ultrasonic cleaner to remove it off. Your first priority should be asking a professional to take care of the cleaning process. However, if he is not available then you should take the matter in your hands. Ultrasonic cleaners use low frequency sound waves to vibrate a cleaning solution. This vibrating fluid when touches the surface of the ring removes the dirt and grime accumulated.

However, if not performed professionally, this process can cause the stone to loosen from the mounting. It may also result in chipping the girdles of the diamond.

Wrapping up!

Diamonds are expensive. However, keeping them in their pristine condition is even harder. Don’t fret! Make sure you take your diamond ring to the professional cleaner once in a couple of months. Also, gently clean your ring at home between the professional cleaning sessions.