Perfect retirement wishes for You Now

For most people, retirement is not something they particularly like to think about. Retirement for them is the final confirmation that their life is slowly coming to an end. It symbolizes the unwanted but inevitable milestone that the bell rings for the final stages of life. However, retirement is a natural stage at the end of your working life. It should not be terribly feared but should be welcomed as the duly deserved reward for a demanding working life. 

Retirement wishes are an excellent opportunity to prepare for the transition between work and retirement. It doesn’t matter if you want to express your sincere appreciation for a retiring co-worker or if you want to start your own retirement, the retirement wishes provide an excellent source of inspiration.

Here are these beautiful retirement phrases:

  1. “It is not factual that people stop racing their dreams since they get aged, they age as they stop racing their dreams.” 
  2. “Don’t just withdraw from something, have something to retreat to.” 
  3. “Resting is not idleness and sometimes lying on the grass under the trees on a summer day, listening to the murmur of the water, or seeing the clouds floating in the blue sky is not a waste of time.” 
  4. “Preparation for old age should begin not much later than in adolescence. A life that is devoid of purpose until 65 will not be suddenly filled in retirement. ” 
  5. “Now that you stop working it is time to enjoy and relax: free time, hobbies, leisure and friends. Happy retirement! ” 
  6. “I have retired, but if there is something that would kill me, it is to wake up in the morning without knowing what I am going to do.” 
  7. “Retirement can be an end, a closure, but it is also a new beginning.” 
  8. “Retirement has been a beautiful discovery of beauty. I never had time to notice the beauty of my grandchildren, my wife, from the tree outside my own door. And of the beauty of time itself. ” 
  9. “The more sand has escaped from the watch of our life the more clearly we should be able to see through its glass.” 
  10. “The problem with retirement is that you never have a day off.” 
  11. “Retirement is youth to do all the things you didn’t do when you were younger.”  
  12. “There is no greater pleasure than a job well done. It is time to relax, because everything you could do for others you did with more than. “
  13. “Age is just a number, something to put on the records. Man cannot withdraw his experience, he must use it. ” 
  14. “A retired man is often the complete job of a wife.” 

Retirement is an important milestone meant to be a reward for years of hard work. It’s time to rest, relax, and chase the things you really want to do.