4 Amazing Budget-Friendly Baby Shower Gifts!

Baby showers can be a fun and exciting event for families and friends. You might probably realise by now that a baby gift hamper and onesies can be expensive. However, buying gifts for your friend’s or loved one’s baby shower does not have to be expensive. It’s not necessary for guests to spend a thousand bucks to please the new-born’s parents.

If you want ways to save for baby shower gifts, here are some fantastic gifting options and alternatives that you can find right off the bat:

1. Inexpensive little stuff toys

Babies can grow up fast. They tend to outgrow those rattles and start seeking toys for their playtime. You can easily find a number of adorable stuffed toys anywhere on the Internet or in your local shopping mall. You can even buy a cheap baby hamper that comes with bundled toys. You can expect your cost to be around less than $150 as they don’t need to be super expensive and sophisticated.

2. Diapers

Diapers are one of the many things every parent needs. Diapers are inexpensive, particularly for a new born. Hence, most parents would appreciate it having a set ready and packed. It’s one of the most practical and must-haves, even if some new parents aren’t aware of it yet!

3. Baby supplies

Baby supplies or baby necessities, such as baby wipes, baby shampoo and baby clothes are also one of the most practical items you can give to every new born parent. In some stores, you can find a baby gift set in Singapore, which includes all these items bundled in a box with adorable decorations. It’s cheap and inexpensive, but it has all the parents will need to look after their baby!

4. Cheap hampers

You can always look for a baby gift hamper if you want another excellent gifting alternative. What makes it so ideal is that they are packed in a cute and elegant way to impress parents while including the essential gifts that every new born baby will need!

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