Why is CBD Oil Not Allowed in Amazon Online Stores?


Amazon is one of the biggest online retail shops, and it is owned by Jeff Bezos, who is known as the richest man in the world. If Amazon is the reason why you’re getting rich, you would want to do everything to keep it running. That’s why Amazon has some of the strictest policies, especially when it comes to controlled substances. So if you are using CBD oil, there’s zero chance that you will be buying this product from Amazon because even though it does not make you high, it is still considered a Schedule I controlled substance.

Let’s know more about CBD oil and why Amazon will not sell it, despite its many health benefits and learn where to buy a legitimate CBD oil.

When Did CBD Oil Become A Banned Product in Amazon?

As we all know, Amazon is the go-to online shop when you are thinking of shopping online. Due to the pandemic, the people using Amazon skyrocketed because people choose to stay at home rather than going out and going to crowded places like malls. But the sad part about that is not everything that we needed is available on Amazon. One of those products that we won’t find there is CBD oil. 

Since CBD is from a cannabis plant called hemp, Amazon automatically considered it a Schedule I controlled substance even though it is safe. Another reason is that the FDA has regulated only one CBD product, and the rest isn’t regulated yet. So to be safe, Amazon declared all CBD products to be banned or and not allowed to be sold on their online store. Amazon is playing safe because they can face breaking federal law, which will destroy the company. And the people are not ready if ever Amazon closes.

Why Is Hemp Oil Being Sold on Amazon if CBD Oil is Not Allowed?

The only thing that is available on Amazon is Hemp Oil. That is the closest thing that you can get to CBD. But here’s the thing, many companies that are currently selling hemp oil in Amazon contain CBD. So if you are willing to take the risk, you can search for Hemp Oil, Hemp Extract, and Hemp Oil Extract on the Amazon search bar. The companies that will pop up most probably sell CBD oil under the guise of Hemp Oil. But you can’t fully trust these people because you can’t be sure if the CBD oil is of high quality and is potent. There’s a considerable chance that they’re ripping you off.

A Reputable and Reliable Company Selling CBD Oil

Joy Organics is a legitimate source of CBD Oil that you can trust. They properly regulate their products, so you will only receive pure CBD Oil without the THC. Joy Organics on Amazon only sells hemp products, but they do not post their pure CBD Oil there due to the strict policies and regulations. But on their website, you can order these strong and potent products. The best thing about this company is that they have a third-party lab test, determining if their CBD oils have THC in them. You only get a product that will give you 100% satisfaction.