5 modifications that make your motor cycle stunt ready

Stunting is considered as the endurance both for mental and physical health. Stunting is a kind of sport when one needs to put a lot of effort into doing. There are many different types of cycles used for stunts such as mountain biking, triathlons, Regular Street biking, and more. Stunting is considered a sport and an incredible thing to watch it. Bikes that are used for stunting are stunts that are different from bikes that are used in streets regularly. The stunt bikes are generally freestyle bikes and constructed differently in different sizes with hardcore stunt mechanism. Here are some of the modifications to make your motorcycle stunt ready.

  1. Crash cage:

Crash cage is the first and foremost thing that is essentially needed modification for stunt bikes. It is surrounded by the engine of the motorcycle as bolted directly to the chassis that adds to the rigidity of the cage. It is crucial in the case of a slow-speed crash to protect the bike therefore a crash cage is an essential modification needed in stunt bikes to excel its stunting powers and protect it.

  1. Tires, wheels, and brakes:

This is known as the trinity that to be either heavenly depending on the setup. Modification in the tires will give your bike a perfect grip while doing different kinds of stunts. The wheels must be powerful and able to be withstanding while spinning the bike wheels. Brake is an important part when it comes to stunts as a good brake system will increase stopping powers and you will be able to stunt powerfully.

  1. Rear sprockets:

The modification you made in the rear sprockets must be oversized by adding extra teeth top your motorcycles. The modification in rear sprockets will help your stunting mechanism to have an extra bite that makes catwalking breeze. The sprockets will make the good of a motorbike and its mechanism.

  1. Rear seats and covers:

Modification in the seat covers is also essential because it makes your bike feel taller. There are different types of seats that are used to make your bike to be standing tall. Thus making the riders to hook their feet in it. The seats are stuffed by adding extra foam that gives a perfect grip to the riders in their feet.

  1. Top gas tank:

The gas or fuel tank can be designed in the favor of comfort of the rider and mostly the gas tanks are scooped up. The stunt bikes fuel tanks are scooped up in a manner or dented especially. This will support stunts like high-chair wheelies or like high-chair burnouts. The scooped tank design will give the rider to have a dented in a special format that provides a good grip while sitting over the tank and stunting.

Wrapping it up:

Therefore these are the 5 modifications to make your motorcycle stunt ready and to perform uniquely. Other different modifications will make your stunt bikes look stunning. Doing modification will helps with improved performance and increases the comfortable of stunts.