The name of this Apple Incproduct is Apple Watch.

  • When was this Apple Inc. product manufactured?

This apple product was launched in April, in the year of 2015. It was manufactured by Apple Inc.

This apple watch was created to become and get used as a wearable device which can be used for multiple purposes such as: listening to music, reading messages, calls, connecting and syncing it with your iPhone.

  • What are the main features of this Apple Inc. product?

– The main features for this Apple watch are (the following is written with respect to the recent build and generation of the Apple Watch series, The Apple Watch Series 6):

  • The apple watch contains a GPS
  • Some apple watches have both GPS and are cellular
  • The health-related applications like ECG check, Oxygen in your blood check and much more.
  • Moreover, the watch will also alert you if the rhythm of your heartbeat is not normal and is reflecting abnormal rates of it.
  • Are there any newer or updated version of these Apple Inc. products? If yes, then, what are they?

– Apple continues to update and modify their products and applications. The recent product, the apple watch series 6, has been built with fantastic features.

  • What all colours is this Apple Inc. product available in?

– Gold

– Silver

– Space grey

– Blue

– Product Red

– Titanium

– Space black

– Graphite

  • What is the purpose of buying or purchasing this Apple Inc. product?

– One of the most fashion wear and will go with your every outfit.

– Performs more or less like the actual iPhone.

  • What should this Apple Inc. product actually be used for?

– Multiple things. From sports to fashion to using your iPhone.

  • What is the storage capacity of this Apple Inc. product?

– The storage capacity of this Apple watch series 6 is 32 GB which is a lot for a smartwatch.

  • Can I insert an SD card in this Apple Inc. product to expand the storage memory or capacity of this Apple Inc. product?

– No, you cannot. You will have to resort to deleting apps from the watch.

  • Has this Apple Inc. product been discontinued?

– Series 6 of the Apple Watch has not been discontinued as it is the recent model. However, some of the previous models of the apple watch have been discontinued after being replaced by newer Apple watches. This is normally done so that the company stays updated with the recent trends in the market.You can check balance sheet at if you want to buy amazon stock.