What are the different types of jewellery making tools?

There are many types of jewellery tools and materials. Some are universal, and some are unique to the particular skill. The following are some of the essential items that you need to make beautiful pieces of jewellery.

  •   Wire cutters 

You will need these to snip off the wire used to string your jewellery. It is the initial step of a jewellery restoration and making process.

  •   Round nose pliers

These are useful for making loops. They have tapered jaws, so you can apply more pressure on the wire. This tool has two ends, one thinner and the other thicker.

  •   Saws & Crimping Tools 

The first tool you need is a saw. A saw has teeth to cut through a material. When soldering, you need to make sure to use the right type of blade. Using the wrong tool will result in a damaged piece. Besides saws and crimping tools, you will need hand files. These are small tools with abrasive surfaces. They should be used with caution as they may break easily if they are not used properly.

  •   Wire

This is the most common type of wire. It comes in a variety of thicknesses and materials. The gauge number is the thickness of the wire. When buying wire, you should choose a higher gauge number if you need extra strength or you are working with beads with large holes. This wire is thin enough to fit through most beads but sturdy enough to hold them securely.

  •   Hammers: 

A hammer is a tool used to shape materials. There are different types of jewellery hammers. A bench hammer is a versatile tool for shaping and adding texture to jewellery. A drill is a drill attachment that creates holes and patterns in hard materials. Depending on the type of drilling tool you use, you’ll need a variety of tools and accessories.

  •   Beading tool

A bead reamer is an essential tool for beading. It is used to create a smooth and expanded hole in a bead. A bead reamer is an invaluable tool for beading. Alternatively, you can use a crimping tool to cut thread and wire. In the end, it all depends on the materials you use and how well you’re able to handle them.

  •   Knives, scissors, and pliers

If you’re new to jewellery making, you might want to get some of these tools. The pliers are an essential tool for beading. They are very useful for shaping a bead. You can also use hand files to cut different shapes of wire. Several of these tools are available online. There are many other types of jewellery-making tools.

  •   Wire wrappers 

These pliers have a stepped lower jaw. They allow you to wrap various sizes of wire in the same piece of jewellery. Generally, they can accommodate six different diameters, but most commonly, they have three or four diameters. This makes them the most versatile type of jewellery-making tool. They are also called looping pliers. These are useful for piercing and repairing metal.