Tips on how to buy the perfect pair of panties

Panties are a part of our daily life and a necessity for women all the time. Previously, it was a modest protective garment. However, apart from being just a garment, the panties have a hold on the hygiene of women as well. The funniest range of panties online is all these points and much more.

Types of panties

Explore the various styles and types when you decide to buy panty, with this comprehensive list. It explains some of the most popular types available in Common. The following are the different styles of panties available online –

  • Bikini Panties: Small on the sides, bikini panties include enough fabric to cover the bottom. One can call it a beautiful cross between the shorts and the tongs.
  • Hipster Panties: These are medium-length panties that cross between bikinis and boy shorts. Less than boy shorts, hipsters are a great way to dress under medium-length skirts.
  • Thong Panties: These panties are mostly triangular on their front. As a result, it can provide less back cover. You can also check out the same thongs and G-string in the designs online. But compared to strings in the tongs, the G strings are thinner.
  • Tummy-Tucker: Panties fit snugly in making the extra belly fat disappear. This gives a perfect enhancement to the shape. So you can try those bodycon dresses with the tummy tucker panties, so they give you a flawless look.

Tips for Different Styles of Panties

There are a variety of styles that you should check out at the panties collection online. This enhances the perception of the panties while pairing them with different outfits. The boy shorts are an excellent choice for flared bottoms and skirts. It also makes them a suitable choice as an everyday undergarment. They don’t go with skinny jeans, but you can wear them under skirts and formal dresses.

Next, bikini panties can be the next option for you. They make you look sexier and enhance your shapes. They are made up of different fabrics like cotton, silk, polyester, etc. Moreover, there are popular choices of colours, prints and materials. Also, there are many combinations of colours and styles of these panties that have grown popular.

These are the items which are most favoured on the hot summer days on the beaches.

Extensive Collection of Ladies Underwear In Common

When it comes to styles in undergarments, online sites also offer something special with its trendy collections. This requires a range of panties to address the specific needs of underwear that are often not mentioned. Thus, the formation of separate groups began to take place.

Or are you looking for lovely core colours and patterns? You can check out the equally beautiful collections of underwear, a nightgown, tops, and more on these sites.


The panties that women choose don’t only define their favourite colour, but also modify their shapes and structure. They represent the comfort zones for each woman. Every woman has her different needs and wants and fantasies; she should choose the best panty for her. And now, numerous varieties of panties are available online. So, make sure to buy panties online that perfectly suit you.