Sell Engagement Ring Miami

When you want to sell your valuable engagement ring in Miami, sell to a buyer with vast knowledge in gemology.  A good gemologist will use the latest technology to check the originality and quality of such jewelry. Look for no place further than Brilliance Jewels; we buy engagement rings at competitive prices. Many people are highly bothered when they search for a reputable jewel to sell their jewel to. We determine the price of engagement ring by weighing the content of valuable metal like gold or silver in it. We offer free sell my jewelry appraisal for customers. To get the best price for your old engagement ring, come down to our location in Maimi.

Why should you sell an engagement ring to us?

Best sell my jewelry deal.

We are one of the top jewels that offer competitive prices for jewelry in Maimi. We have gained our customers’ trust and build a strong reputation. If you have any engagement ring, whether diamond or metal rings, bring down to us in South Florida for a free appraisal. Our service is 100% reliable, and we base our bidding on an honest and fair price.


Our professional jewelers have a vast knowledge of gemology. They will use the latest technology to determine the quality and originality of your jewelry. They are time conscious and accomodating when it comes to rendering service to our customers. Sell jewelry in Miami to our jewelers to enjoy the greatest offer you can ever get from a dealer.

Honest Price

We understand that getting a fair price for an engagement ring can be challenging. For this reason, we base our offer on current diamond value during our appraisal process. We assure you that our price is honest and perfectly matches the worth of your jewelry.

Willing sales

We don’t mount pressure customers to sell engagement rings to us. You can contemplate on whether to sell my jewelry or not. We offer instant payout after a customer might have decided to sell jewelry in Miami to us. We truly respect your decision when dealing with us.

We understand that getting the right price for your jewelry is time-consuming and challenging. We are inspired to deliver the best offer to our customers whenever they decide to sell jewelry in Miami. Don’t sell your jewelry to a jeweler who offers a lower deal for your engagement rings. We buy any kind of engagement ring in Maimi. Visit us today to know the real worth of your jewelry or contact us to book an appointment with us.