Factors To Buying Speaker Stands

If you have shopped in many stores and dropped by Addicted to Audio’s speaker stands, then you’re good! The store has a wide array and collection of audio speakers  that can help you get the best experience. If we’re not talking about the best music and sound vibe, we don’t know why you are here.

Nonetheless, we’re here to help you know the factors to consider before buying a motorola speaker mic. Well, it is not about Aesthetics alone. You might want to see these methods and processes to see how things can work for you. For a guy, you can always consider the drive. Well, it’s safe to say to choose the best color for a girl.

Factors to Consider For a Speakers Stands

We know you might get confused many times. “Do speakers have different types?” The correct answer will always be yes. So, these factors can help you see what you can get to help you with your concerns. See all the things that you can look for before purchasing a speaker.


Like we used to say, Drivers are one of the most critical factors. You wouldn’t want to use something that gets out of hand with your music, don’t you? Get something with the latest and modern drivers to help you seek out the best music in town. After all, it is where your speakers can stand!


In all matters, speakers have various types. Would you like something that goes around within your place or not? Either way, your greatest comfortability will matter a lot in this aspect. The class will depend on which are you most likely to enjoy listening to music or not.

Wired or Not?

Do you see yourself getting rippled with all those wires or not? Believe it or not, there are still speakers that connect you through wiring. So, if you do not enjoy those tangled lines, better yet, switch to Bluetooth ones!

Thus, take note of this thought. Bluetooth connection has a 30m range. That means it may not sound great like any other wired speakers. And, if your battery gets dead, your music may go as low as possible. It is a weird thing to hear the music go away in such a case. Don’t you think?

Comfortability & Design

As mentioned above, you wouldn’t want to have something that is not good with your ears. Greatest comfortability will always be the key. Try and see the designs of the speakers stand that you buy. You must be comfortable and willing to see every corner of it if you can. There are instances that the speakers look good on your place, but they are not suitable for feeling.