Fabric Caught in Zipper?

Would you believe that there are just two ways where a zipper can get something stuck right in its track? First is that the zipper track teeth don’t lock into place properly, leaving behind a small gap.

Another way is there is a piece of near the zipper and this fabric accidentally got caught in the zipper teeth. If the second problem happens, you have to be extra careful since a hard and forceful tug might end up bending and even ruining the zipper track.

If the fabric doesn’t untangle with just a simple tug using your fingers, you might want to try using a pair of tweezers for you to get a better grip. Patience is the real secret here. Impatience may cause you to go too fast and too hard and your zipper might get damaged.

Tips to Fix Zippers with Fabric in Them

All of you might have your own idea on how to un-stick a zipper with a fabric caught in it. One of the solutions available around the house that you can use is a straight pin. Below are some other solutions you can find right at home to remove fabric stuck in zippers:

  • Soak the part of the zipper

You can use either vinegar or saltwater for up to 3 hours or even a bottle of coke for one hour. All of these solutions require some time to get rid of whatever it is that caused the zipper to jam.

  • Tweezers or fingers

These two are both amazing tools you can use if the piece of fabric is not jammed in that tight.

  • Paraffin, candle wax, or a bar of soap

You can use a piece of cotton swab to apply paraffin, candle wax, or a bar of soap. Make sure that you apply below and above the stuck part as well as on the zip tab. All of these are easy lubricants you can use for the zipper to slide much easier. These can also be used every now and then for the zipper track to be easier to use and stay lubricated. You can also use these to protect the zipper from rust.

  • Pencil tip

Rub the pencil graphite lightly on the teeth of the zip. Be careful so that you don’t apply too much of this or else, the zipper might end up jamming because of the graphite.

How to Prevent Fabric from Getting Caught in Zipper

The most obvious way to ensure that fabric doesn’t get caught in zipper is to avoid pulling close the zipper absentmindedly. This is not a good habit since many of the loose fabric can get jammed into the zipper. Loose clothes might also get stuck in zippers.

Try controlling the loose fabric to ensure that it doesn’t get near the zipper tracks. Also, never be in rush. If you are in a hurry, the tendency is for you to zip up your clothes haphazardly, throwing caution to the wind.

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