Tailor in London

To make a perfect outfit, you need to have a good feel for fabrics and know what blends and textures will give you the desired results. This is why it makes sense to work with a professionally trained tailor when you need a special outfit made.

If you know what sort of garment you want but are in doubt about the fabric choice, then consulting with one of our tailors in your local branch of American Dry Cleaning Company can help.

By working together, your tailor will help you find the right fabrics to work with that will complement the cut of the outfit you want – but also the right shades to suit your build and colouring.

If you are constantly fed up with wearing baggy, ill-fitting suits for work, then you need to make friends with one of our tailors! They will be able to transform the way you look and feel like some sort of magician.

You don’t need to go through life wondering what it is like to have clothes that are tailored to fit your perfectly. With the help of our tailoring services, you will be able to look and feel your very best.

Look dapper and stylish every day

Everyone has the right to look good and feel great in their clothes. The problem is that most off-the-peg clothes, especially suits, can end up wearing you instead of the other way around.

If you want to wear your clothes right, then you need the help of a tailor. We all go through weight loss and weight gain periods when we overeat at Christmas and slim down for a summer break. But getting your clothes tailored not only makes you look good no matter what the season, but it is a great way to encourage you to keep your weight stable.

Our team of tailors are seasoned professionals and will likely know what will fit you better than you do. While you may admire the cut of a jacket on a work colleague, if their body shape is nowhere near your own, your tailor will go one better and tailor your jacket to what looks good on you. This will likely give you something that others will envy.

Working with your individual body type

Our team of expert tailors work with people of all shapes and sizes. Whether you are a petite lady looking for clothes to make you look taller, a large gentleman that wants to look slimmer, or a tall person that has trouble finding clothes that are long enough, you can get the help you need from our tailoring team at American Dry Cleaning Company in our branches across London.

We offer tailoring, alterations and repair services to our customers, and it is not uncommon for them to bring us pieces they purchased from a high-street clothing store that need altering to fit.

But our tailors can also help you build a long-lasting, high-quality capsule wardrobe made from key pieces that have been tailor-made for you. This means that regardless of the current fashion, no one will be dressed exactly like you, and it will be easy for you to maintain your individual personal style – and that is something that will never go out of fashion!