List of Most Common Types of Wooden Needles Used by The Knitters


Needles are an essential component of each knitted object, and there are numerous varieties and materials to pick from. Aluminum is the conventional material of choice but bamboo knitting needles are gaining a lot of popularity for a multitude of reasons.

One is that bamboo is a sustainable resource that is increasingly being used to replace other non-biodegradable materials. It has a wide range of applications and is an environmentally beneficial option. Bamboo is not also cheaper but is also equally good when compared to classic wood or metal needles. 

Metal needles also produce a clicking sound which can be irritating for people working around the knitter. This can be easily avoided by wooden knitting needles as these are much quieter. There is no compromise in knitting quality while having a calmer knitting experience. It is also easy to handle the stitches on bamboo needles as they don’t slip off as easily as they do on metal or plastic needles. 

Thus, knitting needles made of wood are a fantastic choice keeping in mind the high tensile strength of wood and the warmth it provides on touch. 

Common wooden needles

  • Interchangeable circular needles:

  • The interchangeable form of wooden circular needles is useful for a range of projects that requires high-quality craftsmanship.
  • It comes in a stylish leather or denim case. 
  • Wide selections of sizes are available.
  • The only downside is that these are a bit pricey.
  • Straight needles:

  • Many of these straight needles are made from Chinese rubberwood. 
  • This wood is smooth and durable.
  • Its tensile strength is quite high and the needle itself is quite rigid. 
  • If you are looking for a long-lasting solution, then you can easily go for this needle material.
  • The best part is that these needles are quite affordable. 
  • Double pointed needles:

  • Because the needles are 8 inches long, they are ideal for larger projects.
  • These are also ideal for darker yarns since they feature gorgeous natural hues.
  • The touch is warm and the stitching is smooth. 

Knitting needles guide - Woman's Weekly

To increase the life of wooden circular knitting needles, you must follow some precautions while cleaning the needles. They should not be scrubbed or washed. A moist towel must be used to polish them and then these should be waxed with the help of a needle wax. 

Bamboo is the most preferable material of choice in sustainable needle materials. One of the most appealing features of bamboo needles is the feel these needles give when touched with hands. Many people enjoy the natural warmth of wood. Most carbonized needles have been sanded to be extremely smooth and they get even smoother with use. 

These cheap needles thus have smoothness, sturdiness, and general quality to compete with or even outperform world-class brands. Even though bamboo is grass and not exactly wood, it is more durable. They are suitable for both novices and experts in the art of knitting. Many intricate projects can be completed with bamboo needles as these are also anti-slip when compared to metal needles.