Is tungsten alliance good? Lets see a few unknown facts!

Are tungsten alliances good and fall resistant? This is the question of many people when they start to research the material of the rings they are going to buy. But after all, are tungsten rings resistant or break easily? That’s what we’re going to unveil. To answer this question in a practical and honest way, we must at first know the characteristics of tungsten.

What is a tungsten ring?

Tungsten rings are made of tungsten carbide with a binder usually cobalt or nickel. The binder is needed and in the correct amount so that the material has elasticity and does not break. However, buying tungsten Intellirings offer several advantages. They are impossible to knead, they are scratch resistant, great shine and when veneers they allow for optimal fixation of the coating. Because they are resistant, they allow new baths.

  • It is a material of very high hardness, which is super resistant and does not crumple.
  • It can be bathed in other metals, such as silver and gold.
  • It is finished in several colors: black, silver, gold and rose.
  • Looking for a cheaper option than gold? Tungsten it is.
  • You don’t need to polish tungsten rings frequently.

Compared to other materials (gold), tungsten has the best cost benefit. Gold rings are a great option, but they have a high cost: accessible to a small portion of the population. Thus, couples choose tungsten as an alternative to traditional materials. Tungsten rings come with great durability and a lower price. Compared to other materials, the tungsten ring is 4x harder than titanium and 5 times harder than steel. You can buy tungsten wedding rings online at an affordable prices.

More about tungsten

In addition to all the preparations for a wedding, it is necessary to decide which model of the alliance will represent the union of the couple. The tungsten ring is a sophisticated and stylish jewel that is winning over modern couples. Tungsten rings are available for purchase online and there are several models for you to choose from that match the bride and groom.

Check out: pink tungsten alliance, golden tungsten wedding band, simple silver tungsten ring, black tungsten ring, silver tungsten ring and polished tungsten ring. Passionate, isn’t it? Remember to note the size of the ring of the rings before closing the purchase, as tungsten is not malleable. So, yes, tungsten is worth investing.