How Do I Get My Plants Delivered to My House?

Planting or cultivating ornamental plants has become a trend in some circles lately, especially during a pandemic like now. All countries campaign #StayAtHome to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

It is undeniable that since self-quarantine due to the coronavirus was implemented, planting and caring for ornamental plants has become a contemporary trend and a fun hobby. Not only for fun, but owners can also make it a business field because lately, ornamental plants seem to be a trend and a good business potential.

Plants are elegant home decorations and can enhance your home. They always accompany us whenever we need them. Especially during a pandemic like this, all activities such as work and school are carried out at home. Apart from having time with family, planting and caring for plants can be an alternative way to reduce boredom.

Anyone can own any kind of plant. No matter how big or small your house is, whether there is a garden in your house or not, there are always plants for you. Many plants are affordable to beautify your home or workspace. You are not required to spend a lot of money. Some plants don’t need a lot of attention, and it’s perfect for those of you who have a lot of work.

Besides beautifying the home and workspace, plants also have many benefits, such as health, mood, and life quality. Another advantage of plants for humans is to relieve stress. Some people who like farming are not just a hobby but also an escape to unwind while doing many activities throughout the day. Plants are likened to natural medicines that can improve their mood.

Do you know what else the benefits of plants around us are? Other benefits of plants that are not known to many people are below.

  1. Produce oxygen

Plants produce oxygen. Oxygen is needed by living things to breathe. No oxygen, it is impossible for humans to live.

  1. Cool the air

Plants can cool the air around us. Why? Because plants can absorb poisonous gases that pollute the air.

  1. Beautify the environment

Plants that are grown around the house also function to decorate the home environment. To be more beautiful, choose various ornamental plants and make a living fence to create a natural impression more visible.

  1. Reduce Noise

Being in a settlement close to the main road has its advantages and disadvantages. One impact that is often annoying is the sound of passing vehicles. By planting lots of plants, you can suppress the noise of the vehicle.

  1. Improve health quality

The apparent benefits of plants for the environment are keeping the home environment healthy. Plants in the yard can filter all pollution and provide clean air around the house. The potential for exposure to free radicals is reduced.

As has been said before, plants are not only used as home decorations. Still, they can also be used as decorations to beautify the workspace. Some companies think that a slimmer, more minimalist office is a good idea. But avoiding excessive decoration, especially removing plants, can hurt workers.

Employees perform better and are more productive when plants are around them. Having plants around can also make you happier and reduce stress. So, at least you can have one plant on your desk.

Is it difficult to care for ornamental plants? No, some plants do not need more care. For workers who have a lot of activities, you can buy cactus. Many people already know that cactus don’t need water. Ideally, you should only water the cactus two or three times a week with warm water to prevent the plant from being surprised by changes in temperature. You just need to make sure the cactus is in a place with enough sunlight.

In a pandemic like now, anyone is restricted from doing activities outside the home. Like it or not, if you want to buy an item, you must do it online. Shopping online is not taboo in the community. Many people have already shopped online even though they do not know the quality of the goods. On the other hand, they feel made more comfortable because they can shop just by staying at home and can even order while doing other activities. Moreover, when you want to buy plants online. Of course, you will feel doubtful and find it difficult to determine which flower shop has good quality.

Have you ever wanted to buy ornamental plants or potted plants but feared that the plants you received would wither when you got home? This feeling is common for anyone who is buying plants for the first time online. Don’t worry because many flower shops have good service and quality. Do you want to know who is the best plant delivery Singapore? Yes! FlowerAdvisor is the answer.

FlowerAdvisor is a top online florist with the same and next-day delivery service in Singapore. This shop is suitable for those who have limited activities to leave the house, like during the current pandemic. You have to visit the FlowerAdvisor website and order plants online. And, did you know that FlowerAdvisor can also send products to 110 countries in the world? Yes, they can ship your order to several countries around the world. You can easily give gifts to friends, family, or maybe your loved one that far apart from you.

To get your plants delivered to your house, here are what you need to do:

  1. Visit the website of FlowerAdvisor which is the best plant delivery in Singapore
  1. Select a country where you would like to order

If you are in Singapore, the country to choose is Singapore.

  1. Select the products you like

Flower Advisor sells flowers or ornamental plants and CNY hampers and gifts for Hari Raya, Anniversary, Birthday, etc. However, if you want to buy potted plants to beautify your home or workspace, it is not easy to determine what type of plants are suitable. You can see the best sellers of their products.

  1. Select the delivery date

Select the date you will send the order. As I told you before, Flower advisor is the best plant delivery Singapore. They give you two options, same-day delivery, and next day delivery. It depends on you! After you choose the date, their local florist will deliver your order to your house.